Worthing CIL: Appeals, surcharges and enforcement


You cannot appeal against the principle of CIL, however you can appeal against some aspects of the CIL collection and enforcement system. If you think that the Council has incorrectly calculated the CIL charge you can ask for it to be reviewed. For more information on appealing against a CIL notice, see our:

Surcharges and Enforcement

Should the Council not receive payment on time it will correspond with the developer to try to ensure that the payment is made as soon as possible. Where the payment remains unpaid the Council would be within its rights to take action. This could involve the issuing of a stop notice on the current development; court action; charging fines; or seizing and selling assets. Ultimately developers could face time in prison should the payment not be made. Surcharges can also be levied by the Council in other circumstances.

More information regarding the imposition of surcharges and enforcement measures which can be taken by Worthing Borough Council, please see our:

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Page last updated: 17 August 2021

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