Message from the Leader of Worthing Borough Council

Welcome to Worthing Borough Council! We are first and foremost a Council for the community, which means we listen to the people of our borough and work with them to get the things done that matter to them most. Our vision is to make Worthing the greenest, fairest coastal town in the UK. It's a big ambition but we're up for the challenge.

On these webpages, we will keep you up to date with all the different projects and programmes that we are undertaking in the community. We heard you loud and clear when you said our town centre needs to be a safe, green, clean, welcoming community space. So watch these pages for the plans and timetable to turn Montague Place into a beautiful green urban park. Two of our local high streets are also in line for a makeover this year and we will keep you updated.

We know that times are financially tough, with many now at breaking point. Together with our amazing community groups, we are using all available resources to support residents who are struggling. We are also addressing Worthing's housing crisis. With more than 1,600 people on our housing waiting list, we're building new temporary accommodation and working with developers to provide social housing at Teville Gate and Union Place. There will also be new homeless accommodation near Worthing Station. We want no-one to be without a bed for the night.

Being a Council for the community means that we want all our residents to thrive. We are working with all our partner groups across the town to achieve the right balance of good employment, great leisure opportunities (regardless of your income or age) and a healthy, clean environment. We are here to listen and to work with our residents to make Worthing the very best town it can be.

Councillor Dr Beccy Cooper,
Leader of Worthing Borough Council

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Photo: Councillor Dr Beccy Cooper

Cllr Dr Beccy Cooper

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Page last updated: 24 July 2023

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