Youth Mayor & Deputy Youth Mayor

Youth Mayor 2022-23

Henny Sonnemann-Petty

2021-23 - Youth Mayor - Henny Sonnemann-Petty

Henny Sonnemann-Petty is the 17th Youth Mayor. 

Henny is excited about the new experiences she will gain and the opportunity to meet with different people and organisations within Worthing and to go to different places to represent the young people of Worthing. She is also looking forward to spending more time in the community and helping to develop the local areas to benefit both young people and adults.

The Youth Mayor will accompany the Mayor Cllr Henna Chowdhury or Deputy Mayor Cllr Rita Garner on selected engagements.

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How to book the Youth Mayor

To book the Youth Mayor please contact:

The Youth Mayor will be accompanied by the Youth Council Chaperone who will assist the Youth Mayor enabling the engagement to run smoothly.

If possible it would be appreciated if waiting accommodation is made available during the engagement and if they could also be included in the catering arrangements.

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Previous Youth Mayors

Below is a list of the previous Youth Mayors:

  • 2021-22 - Henny Sonnemann-Petty
  • 2020-21 - Will Nyss
  • 2019-20 - Jimi Taylor
  • 2018-19 - Katie Waters
  • 2017-18 - Josh Davies
  • 2016-17 - David Price
  • 2015-16 - Harry Williams
  • 2014-15 - Jenny Hirst
  • 2013-14 - Brogan Kirkby-Bott
  • 2012-03 - Cam Hughes
  • 2011-12 - Liam Mills
  • 2010-11 - Matthew Badcock
  • 2009-10 - Charlotte Lister
  • 2008-09 - Simon Wimble
  • 2007-08 - Peter Fullilove
  • 2006-07 - James Line
  • 2005-06 - Hannah McGrath

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