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In 2022 Worthing Borough Council launched The Big Listen, a new approach to how we work with the community on the issues you care most about.

In the past we spoke to you when there were big planning decisions in the area. But even then you might not have thought we listened to you. But all that has changed with The Big Listen.

What's The Big Listen all about?

Throughout August and September 2022, members of The Big Listen team travelled around the borough attending community events and holding pop-up conversations at key locations.

The team, equipped with bright red chairs, talked to anyone and everyone they met, listening to your views about how we can reimagine Worthing in 2030 and how we can work together to make it happen.

What you talked to us about is being used to identify exactly what the priorities of the people of Worthing are, as well as generating new ideas, new solutions and new support for community projects.

Cllr Carl Walker, the Deputy Leader of the Council, said:

“The Big Listen marks a step change in the way the Council works with and for the community.

“We're putting residents at the heart of decision-making, finding out what you think about our ideas at the very beginning of the process and asking you for suggestions.”

Photo: The Big Listen at Shepherds Mead

PR22-146 - The Big Listen at Shepherds Mead

How can I get involved?

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come along to The Big Listen events, and speak to the team about local issues that are important to them.

We'll publicise dates on our Facebook page. We'll also continue to ask what you think about possible changes to Worthing in public consultations. For current consultations, see our consultations page.

Photo: The Big Listen on Worthing seafront

PR22-146 - The Big Listen

What about after September 2022?

The Big Listen marks a complete and permanent change in how we listen to and engage with you, the community.

We'll be using what you tell us to delve even deeper into what matters, and asking you about the places, projects and problems that crop up most during your conversations with us.

From now on, we want to hear what you think every step of the way - not just at a snapshot in time.

For current consultations, see our consultations page.

Photo: The Big Listen on Worthing seafront

PR22-151 - The Big Listen on Worthing seafront

Photo: Blake (left) and Theo (right) seeing what life they can discover at the Shepherds Mead BioBlitz

PR22-145 - Blake (left) and Theo (right) seeing what they can discover at Shepherds Mead


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Page last updated: 21 April 2023

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