Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings

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Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings are run and maintained by West Sussex County Council.

Traffic lights: These are installed at junctions where there is a serious accident history or if they are an appropriate way of managing large vehicle flows

Pedestrian crossings: There are currently five types of controlled pedestrian crossings used in the United Kingdom. These are 'Zebra', 'Pelican', 'Puffin', 'Toucan' and 'Pegasus' crossings. The most basic form of crossing is a 'pedestrian refuge', this is usually in the form of an island in the centre of the road.

Portable traffic signals: Permission to use portable traffic signals on the Public Highway must be obtained from West Sussex County Council before you use them.

For more details about traffic lights, types of crossing, and how to report a problem with them please see:

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