Report an abandoned vehicle or anti-social driving

You can report a suspected abandoned vehicle or anti-social driving to Operation Crackdown, a joint initiative with Sussex Police.

Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is one that looks unroadworthy or damaged, and is untaxed, uninsured and without a current MOT.

Please note, if a vehicle is not currently taxed but is in regular use, it is not an abandoned vehicle:

When a report is received the details are entered onto the Police 'Operation Crackdown' Database and directed via the Sussex Police Hub to the relevant Borough or District for action:

  • we aim to inspect vehicles that have been reported to us within one working day
  • if a vehicle does appear to be abandoned or unroadworthy, we will write to the registered keeper to advise that the vehicle will be removed for disposal if it is not moved within seven days
  • if the vehicle is not registered to a keeper, or is in a dangerous condition, we will remove it as quickly as possible

Anti-social driving

Please report any incidents of anti-social driving, including speeding, dangerous driving or driving while using a mobile phone.

Sussex Police will then investigate. Depending on how serious the incident is, whether the vehicle has been reported before and whether the driver falls into a high risk category, one of the following will happen next:

  • Sussex Police Road Policing Unit will take appropriate action
  • a warning letter will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • your report will be logged in the Operation Crackdown database, providing a history of the vehicle and any allegations made against it
  • your report will help Sussex Police identify areas where anti-social driving is an issue

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Page last updated: 13 April 2022

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