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Public toilets (public conveniences)

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Public toilets: Locations and opening times

Some of our public toilets have unfortunately had to close to meet the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance on social distancing. 

The public toilets on Worthing Pier and at The Plantation will also not be opening yet for the summer. 

Those public conveniences that are remaining open (see list below) will also stay on winter hours for the time being: 9:00am to 5:00pm. 

We urge you to continue to follow the social distancing guidance at this time to stay safe.

Toilets that are open:

  • Brooklands Park 
  • Buckingham Park
  • Dome
  • Durrington Cemetery
  • George V Avenue
  • High Street
  • Lancing Beach Green 
  • Lido
  • Sealane Cafe
  • Shoreham Beach Green 
  • Southwick Beach 
  • Southwick Square
  • Yew Tree Close

Toilets that are closed:

  • Adur Rec
  • Broadwater Rec
  • Buckingham Road (disabled shut)
  • Findon Valley (disabled open)
  • Heene Road 
  • Manor Park
  • Marine Gardens (disabled open)
  • Middle Street 
  • Mill Lane
  • Old Fort 
  • Pond Lane
  • Shopsdam
  • Southwick Cemetery
  • Victoria Park
  • Widewater

See also: More Coronavirus (COVID-19) upadtes and news

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RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS)

Toilets for disabled people are often locked up to help prevent them being vandalised. But in doing this it can also stop those in need from gaining access to the facilities. To assist those who require access to these special accessible toilet facilities (across the whole of the country) the 'RADAR key scheme' was introduced.

RADAR keys may also be used on other facilities - eg restricting vehicular access to Lancing and Sompting Cemetery allowing disabled people to unlock the double gates to take their cars in.

You can also find out about the RADAR accessible toilets National Key Scheme on the Carers Trust website.

Disabled accessible toilets in Adur & Worthing

Please note that all accessible toilets (disabled facilities) require a RADAR key in order to access them. None are left unlocked at any time.

Where to obtain a RADAR key

RADAR keys are available from our council office at the:

How to obtain a RADAR key

For a free RADAR key all applicants must supply two pieces of evidence to:

  • confirm their disability - eg proof of incapacity benefit/disability living allowance or blue parking badge for people with physical impairment
  • confirm they are a resident of either Adur or Worthing

If the two pieces of evidence (above) cannot be provided then a £5.00 charge will apply.

Find out more about the RADAR scheme

You can also find out more about the RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS) Keys - on the Disability Rights website:

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What are Changing Places toilets?

Standard accessible toilets do not meet the needs of all people with a disability.

People with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well people with other physical disabilities such as spinal injuries, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis often need extra facilities to allow them to use the toilets safely and comfortably.

Changing Places toilets are different to standard accessible toilets (or 'disabled toilets') as they have extra features and more space to meet the needs of people who use them.

There are currently Changing Places toilets at:

  • Brooklands, Western Road car park, Worthing, BN15 8SA (see opening times)
  • Promenade, opposite Dome cinema, Marine Parade, Worthing, BN11 3PT (open 9am to 5pm all year)

Note: The Changing Places facilities are only accessible between the publicised opening times with a RADAR key.

Photo: facilities in the new Changing Places accessible toilets in Worthing (Promenade, opposite Dome cinema)

PR15-131 - Changing Places accessible toilets in Worthing - facilities

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