Sompting Parish Neighbourhood Plan

The Sompting Neighbourhood Plan is being developed by the Parish Council and local residents. It establishes a vision and policies for Sompting Parish which, in due course, will be used to determine planning applications in the parish (together with the Adur Local Plan 2017 and South Downs Local Plan, as relevant).

Current consultation on the draft Sompting Parish Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14): 7th December 2020 to 15th February 2021

Please note that following withdrawal of the Plan in July 2018, a revised plan is being prepared. Regulation 14 consultation on the emerging Plan will be undertaken by Sompting Parish Council from 7th December 2020 to midnight 15th February 2021.

To view the plan, its background evidence, and to make representations, please go to:

Examination of the Sompting Neighbourhood Plan

Please note that the Sompting Neighbourhood Plan has been withdrawn:

Withdrawal Statement:

Examiner's Post Hearing Notes:

Guidance Note and Agenda for Hearing into Sompting Neighbourhood Plan:

Initial comments from the Examiner, John Slater:

Publication (Regulation 16)

The Sompting Parish Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) from 19th February to 22nd April 2018.

Representations received may be viewed here:

Consultation on the draft Sompting Parish Plan 2018:

Background documents:

Background and designation:

Sompting Parish Council previously submitted an application to Adur Council and to the South Downs National Park Authority in September 2012 to designate the area of Sompting Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area. This application was publicised for consultation from the 10th October to the 23rd November 2012. The application submitted by Sompting Parish Council, along with designation information can be found below:

A decision was made on 17th December 2012 by Adur Council in liaison with the South Downs National Park Authority to approve this Neighbourhood Plan area.

The Cabinet Member decision and report can be viewed below:

Sompting Parish Council carried out their Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan consultation from 18th May to 29th June 2015. They subsequently undertook a further 6 week pre-submission consultation from 27th July to 18th September 2017 on the Housing and Estate Design Guide.

For more information about Neighbourhood Planning see:

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