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Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership  

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Our vision

The Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership vision is to:

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To reduce crime and disorder through effective multi-agency working to make Adur and Worthing a safer place to live, work and visit.

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What is Safer Communities?

Safer Communities is more than just about tackling crime and disorder; it is about how safe people feel in their own communities and how we can all make a real difference by working together.

It is not just the job of the police - we all need to play a part in making our communities safer. Cutting crime and its causes and the fear of crime should involve everyone in the community.

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About Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership

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The Safer Communities Team are co-located at Worthing Police Station & Shoreham Police Station and is responsible for supporting the work of the Safer Communities Partnership and delivery of the Think Family Partnership.

The Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership (A&WSCP or SCP) has a statutory duty to reduce crime and disorder. The partnership has representatives from a range of agencies including:

  • Adur & Worthing Councils
  • Sussex Police
  • Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner PCC (previously the Sussex Police Authority)
  • West Sussex County Council
  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service
  • NHS West Sussex
  • Sussex Probation

Many other partners contribute and are involved in the work of the Safer Communities Partnership, including organisations from the voluntary sector, local businesses and members of the community.

The Safer Communities Partnership Plan (below) directs and focuses the work being undertaken and identifies key priorities in helping to reduce crime and disorder in Adur and Worthing. These priorities are:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour with particular regard to youth disorder
    - see Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Alcohol, drugs and substance misuse with particular regard for young people and the street drinking community
    - see Alcohol, drugs and substance misuse
  • Harm Reduction to tackle domestic abuse, serious sexual offences, hate crime and support vulnerable victims
  • Safer Roads to reduce road traffic deaths, serious injuries and anti-social driving
    - see Road safety
  • Priority Crime (including: violent crime; theft (other); burglary other than dwelling; arsons) to reduce the levels of crime & disorder

These priorities are set by looking at local crime and incident data in conjunction with public consultation - see the survey below.

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Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership Plan

The Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership Plan is currently being rewritten.

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Page last updated: 15 February 2021