Request a replacement, extra or larger bin

Replacement bin

If your bin has been damaged or is missing you can request a replacement:

Larger (or extra) recycling bin

To help get as much in your bin as possible please squash down items such as cardboard boxes first.

However, if you need additional space for your recycling you can request an additional or larger bin:

Larger refuse bin

We are working to help reduce the amount of waste we create across Adur and Worthing and increase what we recycle.

Note: We do not supply larger bins to households with less than five people, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Find out more about what can be recycled to help reduce what you throw away

Want a smaller bin?

If you currently have a large bin, but want to swap it for a smaller bin, please contact:

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Recycling, Refuse and Waste

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Page last updated: 11 April 2023

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