Platforms for our Places: Going Further: 2020-2022

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Platforms for our Places - Going Further (Cover)

Platforms for our Places: Going Further sets out the Councils' role in developing places and communities over the next three years (2020-2022).

It is an ambitious agenda, that relies on the Councils working with partners and individuals, and builds on Platforms for our Places (2017-2019).

The idea behind our 'platforms approach' is that we recognise the need to work with others and share leadership to maximise our efforts and chances for success.

As a starting point we have identified five platforms for our places and communities, each with a set of commitments that identify opportunities that can have real impact:

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Platform 1 - Prosperous Places

Platform 1: Prosperous Places

Long-term economic resilience of our places requires a healthy balance between sectors, skills, business sizes and capacity to develop, innovate and scale ... as well as significant and ongoing focus on productivity as a competitive advantage.

Creating prosperous places we intend to focus on the following themes:

  • Influencing and working in partnership
  • Attracting infrastructure investment
  • Promoting inward investment and place making
  • Investing in our town centres and public realm
  • Enabling the fourth industrial revolution
  • Promoting clean growth
  • Developing our creative economy
  • Increasing Productivity, innovation and skills development
  • Delivering major projects and development

Read more about our Prosperous Places commitments:

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Platform 2 - Thriving People and Communities

Platform 2: Thriving People and Communities

Thriving people and communities are engaged and connected, safe and well, resilient and independent, aspirational and hopeful, and provide support for those requiring it.

Themes for Thriving People and Communities are:

  • Fostering effective strategic partnerships
  • Providing all types and tenures of housing
  • Thriving and connected communities
  • Prevention and early intervention where needed
  • Providing safer communities
  • Starting well, living well and ageing well
  • Developing our Community and Voluntary Sector

Read more about our Thriving People and Communities commitments:

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Platform 3 - Tackling Climate Change and Supporting our Natural Environment

Platform 3: Tackling Climate Change and Supporting our Natural Environment

We recognise the urgent need to act on climate change and support our ecological systems to thrive.

Themes to Tackling Climate Change and Supporting our Natural Environment:

  • Reducing carbon emissions to carbon-neutral by 2030
  • Transitioning to clean, secure and affordable energy
  • Improving water quality and reducing consumption
  • Rewilding to create more and better spaces for wildlife
  • Managing our land, promoting local food
  • Engaging our communities in the use and stewardship of our open spaces
  • Reducing waste and increasing reuse, recycling and composting
  • Sustainable transport and improving air quality
  • Improving our climate resilience
  • Showing leadership and engaging our communities
  • Rethinking the role of land use, planning and development

Read more about our Tackling Climate Change and Supporting our Natural Environment commitments:

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Platform 4 - Good Services and New Solutions

Platform 4: Good Services and New Solutions

We are focusing on what residents need, working efficiently, flexibility and with empathy. We aim to deliver services that residents and businesses say are effortless to use.

The Themes to deliver Good Service and New Solutions:

  • Introducing digital platforms and solutions
  • Delivering 'effortless' customer service
  • Growing our commercial income
  • Embedding our 'Same Room' service design approach
  • Enhancing staff learning and developing our leaders
  • Developing our role as a corporate landlord and management of the Councils' assets
  • Driving sustainability and value for money through contract management

Read more about our Good Services and New Solutions commitments:

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Platform 5 - Leadership of Place

Platform 5: Leadership of Place

Good civic leadership of our places has been proven and is well understood. Locally based governance with local government that listens, understands and plans for now and the future, is more vital than ever.

The themes to develop Leadership of Place:

  • Developing our elected members and fostering relationships with other leaders of our communities
  • Building the reputation of our places
  • Promoting our reputation as leaders and innovators nationally
  • Engaging with civic data agenda
  • Enforcing emergency planning and civil contingency

Read more about our Leadership of Place commitments:

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