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Speaking at Adur Planning Committees


Welcome to Adur District Council's Planning Committee.

Public speaking to object to or support planning applications is now an established part of our Council's procedure at Planning Committee meetings.

The information below aims to answer any queries you may have about this. I hope you find this information useful.

Chairman of Adur Planning Committee

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Public speaking

Public speaking at meetings of the Planning Committee shall apply to planning applications. Comments made to the Committee must be relevant to planning issues.

Examples of relevant planning issues:

  • External design, appearance and layout of the development;
  • Impact on trees and nature conservation or overshadowing and privacy;
  • Highway safety;
  • Planning policy and government guidance.

Examples of non-relevant issues:

  • Boundary disputes or other property rights;
  • Loss of property value or loss of a view;
  • Matters covered by other legislation;
  • The applicant's motives, character or reputation.

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Will I be able to speak?

You may speak at the meeting if you are:

  • An objector,
  • A Parish Council representative
  • A Ward Councillor
  • An applicant (or their representative) but only if:
    • the officer's recommendation is to refuse; or
    • there are Ward Councillors speaking against the application; or
    • there are objectors speaking against the application; or
    • the Committee are minded to go against the officer's recommendation for approval

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Do I need to register to speak?

Yes. If you wish to speak at the meeting you must give advance notice of your intention to do so to Democratic Services.

Registration should be made no later than noon on the day before the notified Committee date:

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What if I am one of several objectors?

Objectors must agree between themselves who is to address the meeting. The Chairman has discretion to allow more than one objector to speak within the total permitted time for objectors (3 minutes) but only if the second objector has a different issue to raise.

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When will I speak?

The order, and time allowed, for speaking at meetings will be:

  • Objector(s): 3 minutes in total
  • Parish Council Representative: 3 minutes
  • Up to 2 Ward Councillors or 1 and an adjacent Ward Councillor (or in exceptional circumstances another Councillor): 3 minutes each
  • Applicant or agent / supporters: 3 minutes in total
  • The Committee - to discuss the planning application, involving the officers as necessary: No time limit at the meeting.

The Chairman will allow an extension of the time limits set out above to be extended to a length of time deemed appropriate on complex planning applications that have attracted an abnormally high number of representations.

There will be no right for others to speak at the meeting.

You can not speak again at the meeting on the same application.

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Who will invite me to speak?

The Chairman of the meeting will invite you by name.

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Can I question other speakers?

Speakers cannot question other speakers, Officers or Councillors

You should address the Chairman and speak on relevant planning issues only.

Councillors and Officers can question speakers for clarification purposes only.

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About the Planning Committee


Upcoming meetings and papers:

What time does it start?

  • Meetings start at 7:00pm.

Where does it meet?

  • At the Queen Elizabeth II Room, Shoreham Centre, 2 Pond Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5WU

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Where can I get more information?

Planning Services (about planning issues):

Democratic Services (about the meeting or Councillors):

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