Worthing buildings, parks and gardens of local interest

Local Interest buildings

The Council has identified a number of buildings which are of local interest because of their contribution to the character of the area in which they are located. This contribution maybe due to the architectural quality or the historic interest of such a building or simply because of its group/townscape value, character/identity or siting/location.

The Worthing Local Plan (2003) contains an identified and approved such list in Appendix 8 and criteria for selection in Appendix 7.  Full details are available in Archived documents and reports (Worthing).

A supplementary list of Local Interest Buildings of note and interest was commissioned by the Council in 2002 in The Worthing Local Interest Study found below:

Parks and gardens of Local Interest

The Worthing Local Plan contains a Register of Parks and Gardens of Local Interest in Appendix 5 and criteria for selection in Appendix 4.  These are parks, gardens and other formally laid out and landscaped areas which are valued for their contribution to the local scene or for local historical associations.

Page last updated: 26 April 2022

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