Housing needs, supply and availability (Worthing) - Housing Need (SHMA)

Strategic Market Housing Assessment (SHMA)

Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) help local authorities to understand local housing markets and assist them in developing their planning and housing policies. They provide an assessment of needs for all types of housing, taking account of demographic projections and the needs of different groups in the community, as well as housing demand and the level of housing supply necessary to meet this demand. The SHMA provides valuable insights into how housing markets operate both now and in the future and form a key element of the evidence base to support the Council's Local Development Framework. The latest version of the SHMA is linked below:

Prior to the publication of the 2020 SHMA the Council published a number of housing studies that considered housing needs against land supply and constraints. This work has helped to build up an understanding that has, in turn, allowed the Council to assess the appropriate balance between potential supply and demand for market and affordable housing at a borough and Housing Market Area level. These studies are linked below:

Worthing Housing Study June - 2015

Sussex Coast Objectively Assessed Housing Needs Study - April 2014

Housing Study (Duty to Co-operate) - 2013 

Coastal West Sussex SHMA Update - 2012

Coastal West Sussex SHMA - 2009

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