Employment & Economy (Adur)

Adur Employment Land Review

This is an updated Employment Land Review for Adur District to inform and support planning policies within the Council's Local Development Framework (LDF). It considers demand for and supply of employment sites and premises.



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Adur & Worthing Hotel & Visitor Accommodation Futures Study - December 2013

This study provides an up-to-date, objective, evidence-based assessment of the opportunities and requirements for the future development of all forms of hotel and visitor accommodation across Adur & Worthing.

The findings are to be used to:

  • inform planning policy development for hotels and visitor accommodation;
  • guide the assessment of planning applications for hotel and visitor accommodation development and change of use proposals;
  • and identify other interventions that the Councils can make to support and encourage hotel and visitor accommodation development and improvement and build market demand for overnight stays in the area.

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Page last updated: 03 October 2014

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