Donated benches on Worthing seafront

Sorry: The memorial bench scheme is currently paused whilst we review the process and assess our capacity to support the programme moving forward. If you are interested in donating a tree please see: Sponsor a tree in Worthing

How to donate a bench on Worthing seafront

The Council's Surveying & Design Services Team provide and maintain many public benches both in parks and open spaces, on the seafront and in the Borough's streets for use by the public. With its relatively large proportion of elderly residents, this is a valued service to the public.

Many of the benches are donated by people from all over the country, to commemorate deceased friends and relatives who have enjoyed what Worthing has to offer. The benches have a small brass plaque fixed to them recording the person commemorated.

Unfortunately, the Seafront area has been deemed at full capacity and it is now only possible to offer specific spaces that become available as old benches beyond repair are removed.

Details of customers who would like to be contacted should a space become available, can be held confidentially and in accordance with our Business and Technical Services Privacy Notice on an informal waiting list. Pricing would be available at time of offer.

To obtain further information on how to donate a bench to commemorate a friend or relative please contact us.

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Page last updated: 21 September 2023

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