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Noise and Planning

Noise is a material consideration when a development is planned. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (see link to the NPPF document at the bottom of this page) includes key paragraphs relating to Noise:

Paragraph 109:

“The planning system should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by:

  • preventing both new and existing development from contributing to or being put at unacceptable risk from, or being adversely affected by unacceptable levels of soil, air, water or noise pollution or land instability.”

Paragraph 123:

“Planning policies and decisions should aim to:

  • avoid noise from giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life as a result of new development;
  • mitigate and reduce to a minimum other adverse impacts on health and quality of life arising from noise from new development, including through the use of conditions;
  • recognise that development will often create some noise and existing businesses wanting to develop in continuance of their business should not have unreasonable restrictions put on them because of changes in nearby land uses since they were established; and
  • identify and protect areas of tranquillity which have remained relatively undisturbed by noise and are prized for their recreational and amenity value for this reason.”

Sussex local authorities have developed Guidance in response to the changes introduced by the NPPF and loss of national planning guidance (particularly PPG24). This guidance is laid out in the document below:

The 'Planning Noise Advice Document - Sussex' document (above) aims to provide advice for developers and their consultants when making a planning application in East and West Sussex. The document seeks to complement the Noise Policy Aims set out in the Noise Policy Statement for England (2010), namely to:

  • avoid significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life
  • mitigate and minimise adverse impacts on health and quality of life, and
  • where possible, contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life

In particular, the document aims to offer clear and consistent guidance to developers on:

  • the level of information that will be required to be submitted with planning applications for noise generating developments or noise sensitive developments;
  • existing standards that should be referred to when undertaking noise assessments;
  • highlight the points that need to be considered and addressed prior to making a planning application.

The guidance will be regularly reviewed and updated in light of any future national and local policy changes and feedback from users of the document.

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