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In October 1840 the Ordnance Survey decided to adopt the six-inch mapping scale (1:10,560). England, Wales and Scotland were surveyed in the following years, and each county was subsequently revised three to five times. These sheets have become known as County Series, named as such because individual counties were surveyed separately from their neighbours, often on different origins. The County Series Mapping was surveyed using the Cassini Projection.

This mapping was replaced in the 1950s when Ordnance Survey brought in the National Grid system. Historical Maps are provided at 10,560 scale and are site-centred for ease of comparison and overlaid with the current National Grid so that historical map features can be accurately identified and located on the modern mapping. Historical Data is ideal for combining information from different periods in time to analyse information rapidly.

Historical Data is available from many different epochs:

  • Epoch 1 dates to 1875 (1843 to 1893)
  • Epoch 2 dates to 1898 (1891 to 1912)
  • Epoch 3 dates to 1911 (1904 to 1939)
  • Epoch 4 dates to 1932 (1919 to 1939)

A joint venture between Ordnance Survey and Landmark Information Group has enabled these maps to be available in digital form.


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