Adur & Worthing Economic Strategy and Data

Together with our partners, the Councils are committed to encouraging growth in our area that balances economic success with providing the best quality of life for the people who live and work here, sustaining our region's rich natural assets and environment and continuing to attract increasing numbers of visitors.

The Adur & Worthing Economic Strategy sets out ambitious plans for how our local area will achieve this. It's based on an understanding and analysis of four key areas:

  • Economic and Business Performance
  • People and Work
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Community Cohesion

The strategy identifies a small and focused set of priorities where we can add value and make a real difference:

A detailed analysis of the data used can be found in the two economic profiles listed below, one for Adur and one for Worthing:

For more information on what Adur and Worthing have to offer investors please see:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

The economic impact of the pandemic has affected all parts of the UK, including Adur and Worthing. Many sectors have seen reduced income with some parts of the economy unable to trade on a sustainable basis. The pandemic has also resulted in the growth of some sectors.

In partnership with key local stakeholders we are actively monitoring key shifts in activity, including business closures, redundancy, resident and employee wellbeing and resilience, business creation and growth areas, employment support, employment opportunities, business need and business support.

Our most recent analysis suggests that, overall, the businesses of Adur & Worthing have shown significant resilience to the situation, compared to other areas across the UK. Close monitoring will continue, as well as intervention where required, to ensure our local economy receives all the necessary support to see it through this challenging period.

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Page last updated: 29 November 2021

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