Adur & Worthing Economic Strategy (ES)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: The economic impact of the pandemic has affected all parts of the UK. Many sectors have seen reduced income with some parts of the economy unable to trade on a sustainable basis. The pandemic has also resulted in the growth of some sectors.

Adur and Worthing have not escaped changes to its own economic landscape. In partnership with key local stakeholders such as the Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Small Business, DWP and the Adur & Worthing Business Partnership, we are actively monitoring key shifts in activity. These include matters such as business closures, redundancy, resident and employee wellbeing and resilience, business creation and growth areas, employment support, employment opportunities, business need and business support.

In summary, the businesses of Adur & Worthing have been, overall, significantly resilient to the situation, compared to other areas across the UK. However close monitoring and (where required) intervention will continue to ensure our local economy receives all necessary support to see it through this challenging period.

The Adur & Worthing Economic Strategy sets out ambitious plans for how the place will achieve “good growth”. This 'good growth' is not about growth at any price; but one that balances economic success with the best quality of life for our people, sustains our natural assets and the environment and continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors.

Worthing is an increasingly popular business location with great transport and digital connections, a popular seaside destination for visitors and a place whose residents enjoy an enviable quality of life. Adur's large manufacturing sector offers a transformation opportunity to move to advanced manufacturing through the application of technology, innovation and skills. Companies such as Ricardo, Rayner Lenses and Glaxo Smith Kline, Lemo Electronics, Infinity Foods and Higgidy Pies recognise the advantages of being in Adur and Worthing and a growing number of companies are choosing to locate here.

The Economic Strategy is based on a rigorous understanding of our economic performance across four main dimensions; Economic and Business Performance, People and Work, Infrastructure and Connectivity and Community cohesion.

The Strategy identifies a small yet focused set of priorities where we, working with our partners, can add value and make a real difference to our area's economic performance.

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Page last updated: 09 March 2021