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Busking, Public Entertainment and Entertainment activities on the highway & public spaces

The Licensing Act

Adur & Worthing Councils hold a number of Premises Licences under this Act, covering some town centre streets, a variety of parks & gardens and Worthing's promenade. These authorise various regulated entertainments and allow the Councils to encourage a diverse and exciting selection of public and street entertainment and the staging of community festivals and events.

Worthing and Shoreham-by-Sea have extremely busy town centres attracting large numbers of visitors and shoppers and as a result the provision of street facilities has to be carefully managed to maximise the benefits for all. To provide entertainment in Adur or Worthing's Parks & Gardens or on Worthing's promenade an event booking must be accepted by the Councils' Events Team.

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Street Entertainment and Busking

Many people are happy to listen to street performers and the Councils are happy to have buskers because they liven up the streets. However complaints can arise if the volume, duration and frequency of the noise is excessive for residents or local businesses.

Anyone disturbed by loud, continued or repeated singing or playing of musical instruments may ask a busker to stop - refusal to do so is an offence against local byelaws. If you make a complaint to the Council, officers will respond as soon as possible in order to assess the level of disturbance within your premises and talk to the buskers on your behalf.

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Advice for Buskers in Adur Town Centres

Adur has always been a popular place for busking and the Council is happy to have buskers liven up the streets in the following areas:

  • East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea
  • South Street and North Road, Lancing
  • Southwick Square, Southwick

Busking is not illegal. However, the Council and the Police do receive complaints occasionally from local businesses and residents regarding amplified music, drumming or obstructions to the highway. Therefore buskers must ensure that they are not making too much noise, not blocking public highways (footpaths, pavements, open pedestrian areas), not displaying notices asking for payment, not carrying out street trading (you need a street trading licence for this), and are only busking in certain parts of the town for a limited period of time.

Anybody may ask a busker to stop if they are disturbed by loud, continued or repeated singing, and/or playing instruments or amplifiers. You must be over 14 years old to busk and if you are under 16 you must be supervised by an adult at all times.

For more information please see our:

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Advice for Buskers in Worthing

Please visit the Worthing Town Centre Initiative website for further details:

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Event booking

Adur events

Worthing events

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