Mobile catering and market stalls

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Street trading in Adur District and Worthing Borough

For details of where you can trade please see our street trading webpage.

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Food hygiene

If you sell food you will need to register your business with the local authority in whose district your mobile catering unit is normally kept overnight. For example if your mobile catering unit is kept within the Adur District or Worthing Borough you will need to register with us filling in a registration form for Adur or Worthing, which can be found on our Starting a food business page.

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Trade associations

The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) is the nationally recognised trade association for mobile catering, outside catering, event and street food catering. For more information about NCASS see the:

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Electrical safety

Electric shocks can occur due to inadequate earthing, inadequate protection of conductors, inadequate maintenance and improper use of generators.

Ensure your electrical system is properly maintained and use a qualified electrical contractor to carry out repairs, maintenance and to check the safety of the entire system.

Your electrical engineer should be Part P registered or on a competent persons scheme.

See also: Building Control - Part P - Building Regulations 2010 - approved documents

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Gas safety

All liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders should be regarded as potentially dangerous whether they are full or empty as even empty ones will still contain LPG vapour. Keep LPG cylinders in a suitable well ventilated storage compartment outside the vehicle.

Your gas installation should be regularly checked by a gas engineer who is competent and registered with Gas Safe.

In order to find a gas engineer who is competent to work on mobile vehicles please see:

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Planning permission

You may need planning permission to keep a mobile catering unit on the street or at your property.

For more information please see do I need planning permission.

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Page last updated: 27 August 2021

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