Apply for an environmental permit

Who needs a permit?

You may need an environmental permit if you operate an industrial process that is specified in the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016.

Permits are issued by either the Environment Agency or the Council and include conditions to minimise pollution levels. An operator must comply with the conditions and we carry out routine inspections to ensure permit conditions are being maintained. There is an annual permit charge, which is reduced for low and medium risk operators.

There are three types of permit:

  • Part A1 permits:
    Large, potentially high polluting activities such as large power stations or chemical works. These permits are regulated by the Environment Agency. 
  • Part A2 permits:
    This category is regulated by local authorities, and includes activities which are considered to have a medium risk to public health or the environment. Emissions to land, water and air are regulated, along with energy and raw materials usage, waste minimisation, accident prevention and noise emissions. 
  • Part B permits:
    Also regulated by local authorities, this category is for lesser polluting industries only. Only air emissions are regulated.

How to apply for a permit

To apply for a permit, or for further information about environmental permits, please contact the Public Health & Regulation Team.

Public register of permitted installations

We are legally required to keep a register of all installations we've issued environmental permits for:

Medium sized combustion plants

Medium sized combustion plants and specified generators are regulated by the Environment Agency. For more information please see:

Further information:

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Page last updated: 30 July 2021

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