Keeping warm and well this winter

Keeping warm and well this winter - tile

Keeping warm both indoors and out is essential for our wellbeing as the weather gets colder. Being energy efficient at home can help you and your home stay warmer for longer and help keep your energy bills down.

On this page we have put together some top tips to help everyone keep warm and well in Adur and Worthing this winter.

Get your free flu and Covid-19 jabs

You may qualify if you are aged 65 or over, pregnant, have certain medical conditions, live in a residential or nursing home, are the main carer for an older or disabled person, or have (or look after) someone with a weakened immune system. See:

Keep your home warm and healthy

By setting your heating to at least 18°C in winter poses minimal risk to your health when you are wearing suitable clothing.

If you use an electric blanket, ensure you use it as instructed and get it tested every three years.

For information and advice on housing matters, including damp and condensation in cold properties, see:

Community Warm Welcome Spaces - staying warm

Warm Welcome Spaces offer people who are worried about the rising cost of energy bills not only the chance to keep warm, but also aim to reduce social isolation with group activities or a welcome cup of tea. See:

Look after yourself and check on older relatives and neighbours

Look after yourself and check on older relatives and neighbours to make sure they are safe, warm and well, especially when its gets cold outside.

Layer your clothing and wear shoes with a good grip if you need to go out.

Eat and stay active

Food is a vital source of energy, which helps to keep your body warm.

Try to make sure that you have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day and keep active in the home if you can.

For advice on food, staying active and improving your wellbeing see:

Get financial support to improve the efficiency of your home

There are many sources of advice and assistance available to make your home more energy efficient, improve/repair your heating system or install insulation. For more information see:

Get extra help to pay your energy bills

To find out if you qualify for Cold Weather Payments or the Warm Home Discount Scheme see:

With energy costs rising, there are a number of government schemes and grants available to help with your bills that you may qualify for such as:

Some energy suppliers also run their own energy grants and you don't necessarily need to be their customer to take advantage of them.

If you're struggling to pay your energy bills, you might want to contact the CAB or the Money Advice Service, but always contact your energy supplier in the first instance, as they may be able to offer you a special tariff or payment plan.

Have your home checked for fire safety

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service can provide free Home Fire Safety Checks for older and vulnerable people. To enquire about having a free check see:

Sign up to the Priority Service Register

Energy suppliers can offer extra services and assistance to customers on a low income, with disabilities or long term health conditions such as:

  • a free annual gas check
  • a frequent meter reading service
  • warnings of supply disruption

To check if you are eligible contact your energy supplier directly.

Have your heating and cooking appliances checked and use them responsibly

Never use a gas cooker or oven to heat your home - it is inefficient and there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. To find out more about carbon monoxide safety see:

Switch your energy supplier or tariff

You could save money by switching your tariff or energy supplier, or by changing the way you pay for energy. This can be quick and simple, especially if you use a price comparison site or the Councils' Collective Switching Scheme. To find out more about switching see:

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Page last updated: 09 January 2024

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