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Community Greenspaces

There are lots of urban green spaces in Worthing where community interest groups and volunteers garden, do conservation work and make the place more beautiful and enjoyable for everyone.

The Community Greenspaces Scheme celebrates these and invites residents and businesses to join in with an existing group or start a new one at a site made available by Worthing Borough Council.

For more information please see the leaflet below:

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Getting involved in community greenspaces

Being and working outdoors in a natural, green space is a great way to feel good, learn new skills, get some exercise and meet people who want to make a difference to their local area. Worthing Borough Council (WBC) is associated with a number of community groups who make our green spaces more beautiful, sustainable and inspiring places to be. The Council has put together the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to make the process of getting involved with these groups easier and to encourage involvement on new sites that we have recently made available. We also want to ensure that volunteers are working safely and so these include simple but important guidelines about risk assessment.

Community Greenspaces - Support available from the Councils

The Councils will help and support groups as much as we can:

  • We can help support new groups and projects to get established.
  • We will include details about your group on our website.
  • We will hold an annual networking event for all groups to share their experience and ideas. The first one is likely to be in Autumn 2014.
  • Groups will be able to apply to Worthing Borough Council for a one-off, small grant (up to £250) towards items such as starting-up or materials.

Of course, groups can make other funding bids, often accessing funds the local authority cannot and Community Works can give advice on what is available and how to do this:

For information about insurance and health & safety please see:

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How can I get Involved in Greenspaces in Worthing?

Join an existing group - the possibilities for involvement are very varied. Many meet monthly for practical work days which can include conservation, gardening or tree planting; some undertake surveys and have educational links with schools; others hold events or run projects; many need support that does not involve physical work. Ask for the Community Greenspaces leaflet or see the web page for information about these groups and their contact details.

Start using/managing a new site - if there isn't a group near you, contact us or look at our website to see if there might be other available WBC sites and start a new project there. Taking on a whole greenspace can be a big move so there are various options available to you:

  • You might like to put on some events in a greenspace or get more involved in the management decisions of the greenspace
  • You might like to take on a specific area of the greenspace such as certain beds or parts of the site and to do small gardening projects
  • You could, if your resources allow and subject to certain conditions, take over the maintenance and management of a greenspace from the Council. This is probably more appropriate for a more formal organisation/group to take on, for example a community interest company

Depending on how ambitious you want to be you may need to consult local residents but we can help you get started, and so can Worthing Voluntary Action and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

For information about insurance and health & safety please see:

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How do we get permission to use a new site?

Once you have a site/project in mind, get in touch with us. You will usually need to be a group of at least five people. You will need to explain your intentions for the site so that we know you will develop it in an environmentally-friendly and water-wise way.

We will agree straightforward terms and conditions (in some cases it may be necessary to have a simple licence, lease or service level agreement) and a basic management plan to be sure that there is a commitment to sustained involvement.

We understand that you want to do positive things for community benefit but we remain legally responsible for the publicly-owned asset you are using and so we need to put in place a system that doesn't put you off but tries to ensure that all goes well from everyone's point of view.

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What if we see a piece of unused land that is not on the Worthing BC list?

You should contact us to see if we own it. If we don't own it, we can try to help you find out who owns the land to ask their permission.

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Worthing Community Greenspace Network

Following our first Worthing greenspace groups networking event held in October 2014 at the Sidney Walter Centre, members of local greenspace groups expressed an interest in being better networked together to enable those in and around Worthing to better share information, to learn from each other and potentially build new partnerships.

Following a kind offer from Transition Town Worthing (TTW) and assistance from the Sussex Wildlife Trust, the 'Community Greenspace Network' has been set up as a new group within the TTW website, which will allow virtual networking and sharing with other greenspace network members.

Anyone who is interested in joining the network is welcome to join (it's free), the new group page can be found at:

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What is the Garden Share scheme?

This scheme tries to match people who would love to grow their own fruit and vegetables but who don't have access to land with people who have spare space in their garden.

Adur & Worthing Councils' Communities Team helped to launch the scheme in 2011 but it is now run by volunteers from Transition Town Worthing.

The scheme offers lots of rewards for all involved:

  • It brings people in neighbourhoods together
  • Both sides share and enjoy 'healthy' food, cheaply
  • Gets a garden producing good fresh food instead of getting overgrown
  • The gardener gets regular exercise with benefits to physical and mental health
  • The chance to garden whilst you wait for an allotment or as an alternative

To find out more please see:

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Get involved by giving space, get growing, or volunteer

If you want to offer a space in your garden, find somewhere to grow veggies, or volunteer to help make matches in your neighbourhood, get in touch:

If you live in Adur (Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sompting or Southwick), contact:

  • Vacancy available! Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for this role.

If you live in Worthing, please see:

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Community orchards

A previously disused play area in King George Road, Shoreham-by-Sea might be ideal for a community group to take on and create a community orchard and wildflower meadow.

If your group is interested in exploring this possibility, please contact:

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Community wildlife gardens

Cortis Avenue Wildlife Garden, Worthing

Worthing's first community wildlife garden is at Cortis Avenue, run by Worthing Homes.

Anyone can join in the practical outdoor activities there on the second Saturday of every month, more details are available from the:

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Assisted gardening for different abilities, including people with dementia

Breathing Spaces

Gardening in small groups can stimulate thinking skills, boost self-esteem and keep people socially active, which is especially important for older people and in the early stages of living with dementia.

If you or someone you know might benefit from assisted gardening, why not try our Garden Clubs?

They run:

  • Friday mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am at the Sidney Walter Centre in Worthing (£6 per person)
  • Tuesdays from 10:30am to 1:30pm at Maybridge Keystone Centre in Worthing, including a light lunch (£20 per person)

Booking is essential so to find out more please contact:

  • Claire on 07508 178 590
  • Lisa on 07827 924 151 from Breathing Spaces

For more information please visit the:

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Page last updated: 08 September 2021

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