Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning helps an organisation identify potential risks and serious incidents which may disrupt how it operates, and plan how to prepare and manage them to minimise disruption.

It is a statutory requirement under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 for all local authorities to provide general advice and support to the business and voluntary sector communities. We may also be able to provide you with specific advice to help you prepare your own business continuity plan, although in some cases a fee may apply.

Information on how your business could survive a serious crisis can be found on the Sussex Resilience Forum:

You can read the Councils' Business Continuity Plan below:

  • Note: some visual formatting has been removed from this file for accessibility purposes. Please contact the Safety & Resilience Team for a copy with full visual formatting.

For further information about business continuity planning please contact the Safety & Resilience Team.

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Page last updated: 16 March 2021

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