Reporting Benefit, Council Tax or Tenancy Fraud

Report benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is committed when someone is dishonest in order to claim benefits, or deliberately doesn't report a change in their circumstances.

You do not need to give your name or contact details when you report a suspected benefit fraud.

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Report Council Tax fraud

Providing false information to avoid paying the correct amount of Council Tax means that there is less money available to help provide vital services for residents and businesses in our area.

Examples of Council Tax fraud include someone:

  • claiming a single person discount when they live with their partner
  • claiming that their property is unoccupied and unfurnished
  • not notifying us of a change in circumstances that may affect what they are entitled to

To report suspected Council Tax fraud please email:

Where possible include:

  • the address of the property
  • name/s of the legal occupant/s (if known)
  • name/s of other persons suspected to be living at the address undeclared (if known)
  • details of the suspected fraud

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Report tenancy fraud

Subletting a council or housing association property is against the law, and forces other people who have applied for housing to wait longer to be re-homed, some of whom are vulnerable.

Examples of Tenancy fraud include:

  • a tenant moving out and letting someone else live in a property (including their adult children)
  • a tenant letting someone live in part of the property, without the landlord's consent
  • a tenant leaving a property empty without notifying us
  • a tenant providing misleading information when requesting a property

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Page last updated: 24 June 2022

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