Introduction to the Adur Local Development Framework

What is a Local Development Framework?

A Local Development Framework (LDF) is a collection of documents that collectively deliver the spatial planning strategy for an area.

What is a LDF?

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Introduction to Adur's Local Development Framework

A Local Development Framework (LDF) is being prepared for Adur. This is a collection of documents which will collectively deliver the spatial planning strategy for the area.

The LDF will:

  • Ensure that the right amount of development takes place in the right locations, including that needed for housing development.
  • Co-ordinate the necessary social, physical and green infrastructure to ensure the delivery of sustainable communities.
  • Support economic growth and regeneration.
  • Safeguard the area’s environmental assets and enhance them where possible.

The LDF consists of the following parts:

  • The Local Development Scheme (Adur): This document sets out the overall timetable for the production of the various documents which make up the LDF.
  • The Statement of Community Involvement (Adur): This document sets out how the Council will involve the community during the production of the LDF and planning applications.
  • Local Development Documents (LDDs): There are two types of LDDs - Development Plan Documents (DPDs) and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). The first DPD currently being prepared as part of the LDF is the Adur Local Plan - Emerging which is the key plan within the LDF. Background work is also currently being undertaken to develop an Area Action Plan for Shoreham Harbour (being prepared jointly with Brighton & Hove City Council and West Sussex County Council). For more information on the proposed regeneration of Shoreham Harbour please see the Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Project page. The LDS also sets out the timetable for the preparation of several Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs).  
  • A Sustainability Appraisal /Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA): The policies and proposals contained in the LDF must be appraised to ensure that they contribute to the aims of sustainable development. The SA/SEA document sets out the results of this appraisal.

For more information on the LDF please contact the Planning Policy Team.

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Page last updated: 21 November 2013

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