ICT published information

Disclosure exemptions

Having carefully considered the matter, the Councils have determined that some details of our ICT systems are exempt from disclosure under the following provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The exemption has been applied where an * is shown below.

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Section 43: Commercial interests

This exemption applies because the disclosure of the information would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of the Council as divulging information about our systems setup may facilitate a crafted attack.

Knowledge of the specifics of systems (eg which O/S is being used; makes and models of firewalls, etc) simplifies the task of an attacker, and allows that person to tailor their attack method to suit the potential vulnerabilities of that particular system.

Whilst members of the public are entitled to know what systems the Councils purchase using public funds, the Councils need to ensure the integrity of its systems is not compromised.

In view of the personal and sensitive nature of the data held in our systems and the benefit knowledge of the specific systems would have to an attacker, it is not in the public interest to disclose the information.

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ICT contracts and spending

ICT contracts, together with expiry dates and values, can be found in the Councils' Corporate Contract Register - please note the exemption stated above that applies to some items listed.

Contracts and tender opportunities can be found on the Current Tender and Contract Opportunities webpage.

ICT spending can be found with other Council spending on the Open Data / Transparency page.

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Infrastructure, devices and users

This information is published each year in April and updated every six months.

For contract information see above.

Infrastructure, devices and users
Item No of Brand Service Operating systems
User accounts 1027 Microsoft n/a n/a
Email accounts 1027 Google CTS n/a
Desktops 207 Dell Dell 5 year NDB *
Tablets 122 Samsung Vodafone *
Laptops 624 Dell Dell 5 year NDB *
MFDs 34 Ricoh n/a n/a
Telephones - Voip n/a Avaya West Pier n/a
Telephones - PBX n/a Avaya West Pier n/a
Telephones - Smartphones 567 Samsung Vodafone *
LAN N/A * n/a n/a
WAN N/A Capita MSP Capita n/a
Broadband provider N/A Virgin Media / BT * n/a
Physical and virtual servers 70 Dell / VMWare n/a *
Routers and Switches 123 * n/a n/a
Backup solutions 2 * n/a n/a
Storage 2 * n/a n/a
Security / cyber solutions 9 * n/a n/a
ICT service provider 1 In house In house n/a

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Council service Supporting system(s)
Corporate (throughout the Council) Database Products - Microsoft Access, Oracle and MS SQL
CRM Software - Internally Developed Solution
Business Intelligence - Google Looker Studio, SAP Business Objects
Web Content Delivery - TerminalFour and WordPress
Eforms - TopLevel and Liberty Create
Low Code Development Platform - Netcall Liberty Create
Health & Safety - T100
Finance & Accounting Systems FMS - TechOne
Human Resources HR System - Civica PeopleLive
Revenues & Benefits R&B Management - Capita Academy Cloud
EDRMS - NEC Document Management
Document Templating - ProPrint
Planning (Development Control) Uniform Idox
EDRMS - NEC Document Management
Local Land Charges Northgate M3PP
Environmental Health Idox Tascomi
Address Management (LLPG) iManage
Licensing (including Taxi, Alcohol, etc) Idox Tascomi
Housing Private Sector Housing - Idox Tascomi
Managed Housing (Adur) - Orchard Housing
Housing Repairs - Internally developed solution
Waste Management Bartec and Internally Developed Solution
Elections Civica Xpress Electors
Facilities Management Internally Developed Solution
Tree Management Arbortrack
Cemeteries Bacas
Allotments Colony
Legal Services Iken

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Page last updated: 17 April 2024

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