Capital Strategy

What is the Capital Strategy?

The strategy outlines the Councils' approach to capital investment and how the Councils ensures that capital investment is directed to the Councils' Corporate Priorities.

The strategy outlines the basis for the prioritisation of all capital bids put forward for inclusion in the three-year programme and the monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

Value for money

A key priority for the Councils and the Capital Investment Programme is getting value for money and providing high quality. The strategy outlines the Councils' approach to 'invest to save schemes'.


In order to ensure that resources available for capital investment are used efficiently and effectively, the Councils prioritise all capital projects in line with corporate objectives, priorities and other criteria using a prioritisation model.

Revising the Capital Strategy

The strategies are regularly reviewed to reflect changes in the Councils' strategic objectives, legislation, and priorities.

The latest Strategies are available below:

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Page last updated: 30 November 2012

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