Community-sponsored trees planted across Worthing

Released: Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Worthing residents will notice new trees springing up in local streets thanks to the community-sponsored tree scheme launched last summer.

The first batch of trees have been planted in residential areas across Worthing as part of a new initiative to support nature and bring more greenery to the town.

Following the action of locals, 10 mature trees have been planted across the borough in Goring, Findon Valley and Offington as a result of the new partnership between Worthing Borough Council and Trees for Streets, a national tree sponsorship scheme and charity.

Trees for Streets enables individuals, communities and businesses to sponsor new trees, enhancing neighbourhoods, supporting biodiversity and recreating Worthing's tree lined streets. Trees can also be planted in parks through the scheme.

Some of the first to sign up to the scheme will see their sponsored trees planted this week by members of our parks team.

Two locals excited to see the tree they had sponsored arrive in their neighbourhood are Isla Bezencon and her daughter Freya, who live in Goring. Isla said:

“We were very excited to take part in this scheme, as for a long time we have looked at the bare verges and felt they could provide more for the local wildlife.

“It was a simple process to apply and now, a few months later, we can see a beautiful Deborah Norway Maple tree growing.

“I think this is a great scheme and would whole-heartedly encourage other people looking to make a positive difference to their neighbourhood to take it up.”

A variety of tree species, including Austrian pine, red oak, field maple and more, have been planted as part of the Worthing Trees for Streets scheme. They are all five to seven-year-old 'instant impact' trees which should quickly establish themselves in their new homes.

Cllr Vicki Wells, Worthing's cabinet member for the environment, said:

“It's fantastic to see the first community-sponsored trees being planted across the town. So far more than 50 trees have been requested since the scheme launched in June and our teams are working hard to process them all.

“We're delighted to be partnered with Trees for Streets and with the support of our communities, will transform Worthing's neighbourhoods into greener spaces that benefit nature and the people living there.

“Trees can be easily sponsored specifically for residential streets - helping to replace those lost or removed over time and I can't wait to hear louder bird song as a direct consequence.

“Anyone looking to create a beautiful lasting and environmentally-friendly impact on their neighbourhood has the opportunity to do so with this fantastic scheme.”

The scheme forms part of our drive to make Worthing cleaner, greener and safer, and aims to help create green corridors that support wildlife and connect green spaces across the town. Trees also help create cooler areas during heatwaves, improve air quality and soak up excess water during heavy periods of rain.

Residents looking to find out more about the scheme and get involved can visit:

Photo: Isla Bezencon and her daughters Minnie and Freya, pictured with Cllr Vicki Wells, in front of their sponsored tree in Goring

PR24-011 - Isla Bezencon & her daughters Minnie & Freya pictured with Cllr Vicki Wells in front of their sponsored tree

Photos: Members of the council's parks team planting trees in Worthing

PR24-011 - Members of the council's parks team planting trees in Worthing


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Page last updated: 21 February 2024

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