Worthing Lido Survey

Worthing Lido, identified in Worthing Seafront Investment Plan 2017 is a key opportunity for heritage and culture led regeneration that reinforces the town's distinctive identity.

Worthing Lido is owned by Worthing Borough Council. The Lido is situated in a key location on the seafront, adjacent to the promenade and opposite a main visitor car park. It is clearly an important destination that contributes to Worthing's attraction as a place to live and visit.

The history of the Lido

The Lido is a Grade II listed structure originally built as a bandstand enclosure in 1925 on the site of the old 'bird cage' band stand from 1897.

The orignal bandstand and pier, Worthing

The Lido bandstand

The current 'D' shaped superstructure enclosure was built on an extended elevated substructure over the foreshore. The swimming pool was added in 1957, which is when the structure became known as the 'The Lido', the pool being subsequently decommissioned in 1989/90. A rectangle shell and retaining wall are the only remaining features of the pool hidden underneath a concrete slab surface.

The swimming pool at the Lido, Worthing

The Lido superstructure (buildings above ground) has undergone significant modification in its use since its original function as a bandstand and more recently now consists of a family entertainment centre including an amusement arcade, stage area, fun fair rides, retail shops and a café.

The Lido recently

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The current condition of the Lido

A significant amount of information has been gathered over the past few years to inform a development approach founded on restoring and improving the Lido.

The substructure is the area below the deck and consists of a reinforced concrete slab on concrete encased steel beams supported on solid steel piles. The substructure has been subject to frequent and regular studies to understand its current state of repair.

These studies have identified that the substructure has deteriorated and is needed to be significantly repaired or replaced due to its age and harsh sea conditions to benefit the next generation.

To identify what can be done to properly address these issues Engineering and Management Consultancy Services were appointed by the Council to prepare a cost report on how best to protect and support the substructure.

From the studies undertaken it has been identified that significant costs are likely to be in the region of between £5m and £10m to protect the entire structure to ensure its future longevity along with meeting all necessary climate change requirements.

To undertake significant repair work on the substructure it is equally important to understand what inevitably sits above it and how it is configured. This key element forms the basis of this survey. This will help the Council to understand and consider what aspects of the Lido are important to the local community and key stakeholders of the seafront.

It is equally important to understand what is possible considering it is a Grade II listed structure and any reconstruction of the facility will require Listed Building Consent.

Any proposed changes to the facility must be sustainable from a commercial operation perspective.

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Let us know your thoughts about the Lido

We have set out the following questions which we would appreciate your feedback on. This will help the Council to understand your views and shape the approach moving forward for the Council.

Sorry, the consultation closed on Sunday, 2nd October 2022

If you have any questions you can contact:

The Lido, Worthing (sign)

The Lido on Worthing beach - close up

The Lido on Worthing beach - wide view

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Page last updated: 03 October 2022

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