Core Strategy - Pre 2009

Introduction to the Core Strategy - Pre 2009

The Council's Core Strategy was adopted in April 2011 following a number of years and stages of preparation.  This process can be split into two main parts.  Details relating to the early preparation of a Core Strategy draft prior to its withdrawal in 2009 are set out below.  Details of subsequent stages can be viewed in Core Strategy - Pre 2009 and Core Strategy Examination.

Documents relating to the key stages of work that were progressed between 2005 and 2008 are set out chronological order below.

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Issues and Options - 2005/2006

The first stage of preparing a Development Plan Document is known as the Issues and Options stage. This involves gathering evidence and engaging with the community on the key issues and options for the document.

To help interested parties make an informed choice as to how suitable land can be best developed for which purposes, and how the environment can be best protected, the Planning Policy Team prepared a Core Strategy and Unlocking Development Potential Issues and Options Document that was published alongside a questionnaire. The public Consultation period ran from 28th November 2005 until 31st January 2006.

The responses received during the consultation were analysed and reviewed within Topic Sections and a summary paper. These and all other documents relating to the Issues and Options stage can be viewed using the links below:

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Preferred Options - 2006

The comments received during the Issues and Options stage and the consideration of relevant background studies helped to inform the preparation of the second stage of the development of the Core Strategy process, known as Preferred Options. The Preferred Options documents set out the Council's proposed policy direction, and highlighted alternatives where appropriate. The Preferred Options documents (linked below) included the Core Strategy, a draft site specific allocation document called 'Unlocking Development Potential' and the associated Sustainability Appraisals that informed the policies and strategy put forward by the Council. The Council carried out an extensive public consultation exercise that ran for six weeks from 25th September - 6th November 2006.

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Core Strategy - Submission Document 2007/2008

Taking Preferred Options consultation comments and further evidence base work into account, the Council then published its Submission Core Strategy and associated Sustainability Appraisal for consultation in October 2007.

The Secretary of State appointed Mr David Fenton BA(Hons) MSc DipTP MRTPI to review the comments that had been received and conduct the Examination of the documents, which was expected to take place in early 2008. However, following submission, the Inspector set out his initial thoughts and raised some concerns relating to the potential soundness of the Core Strategy. In response to this, the Council requested an Exploratory Meeting to be held to discuss the most appropriate way forward. The outcome of this meeting was that, in July 2008, the Council decided to withdraw the Core Strategy so that a revised version could be prepared. The Secretary of State formally agreed to the withdrawal of this document in March 2009.

Various relevant documents, including a copy of the Note produced by the Inspector that summarises the conclusions of the Exploratory Meeting can be viewed using the link below:

Following the withdrawal of the 2007 version of the Core Strategy, the Planning Policy Team focused on amending the document so that it took account of:

  • Concerns raised by the Inspector following Submission of the original Core Strategy in October 2007
  • Changes in planning guidance
  • Emerging 'evidence' needed to support the planning policies in the Core Strategy

Information relating to the progress of the Core Strategy since 2008 and all future steps towards adoption can be viewed on the following page: Core Strategy Examination.

All documents and information relating to these stages can be viewed using the links above. In addition, evidence documents that informed the Core Strategy can be viewed in Worthing background studies and information.

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Page last updated: 21 November 2013

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