Core Strategy Examination

About the Core Strategy Examination

On the 9th July 2010 Worthing's Core Strategy Development Plan Document and Sustainability Appraisal were submitted to the Secretary of State together with the representations received on the Test of Soundness. The Examination of the Core Strategy commenced on the date of Submission. Guidance and information relating to the Examination process can be found on the Planning Inspectorate section of the website.

All details and documents that relate directly to the Examination can be found below. The adopted Core Strategy can be viewed at Worthing Core Strategy and all other documents and information relating to previous stages can be viewed at Core Strategy - Pre 2009 and Core Strategy - 2009/2010.

  • Appointment of Inspector: The Secretary of State appointed Miss Christina Downes, BSc, DipTP, MRTPI to conduct the Examination of the documents.
  • Appointment of Programme Officer: Mrs Jean Radley was appointed as Programme Officer for the Examination to deal with all procedural, administrative and programming matters. She was independent of Worthing Borough Council and worked directly for the Inspector.
  • Pre-Hearing Meeting of the Examination: A Pre-Hearing Meeting of the Examination was held on 8th September 2010. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the management of the Examination, including the overall programme, how representations would be heard and the timetable for the submission of supplementary statements. The notes from the meeting can be accessed below.
  • Matters, Issues and Questions: Following a review of the Core Strategy and associated documents the Inspector identified a number of matters, issues and questions. These and the Council's response to the 13 issues are set out in Statements below. In addition, a number of previous respondents submitted further written evidence that supported their position in relation to the questions asked. These papers, and a number of Statements of Common Ground, can also be viewed below.
  • Hearing Sessions: After considering the Council's responses to the 13 issues and supplementary questions previously raised (and the further written evidence provided by respondents) the Inspector decided that there would be a total of eight Hearing Sessions - see Examination Programme below. The Hearing Sessions commenced on 16th November 2010 and concluded on 30th November 2010.

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Schedule of proposed amendments

A number of amendments to the Core Strategy (Publication Version April 2010) were proposed by the Council (see links below). These changes evolved throughout the Examination process and all proposed amendments were collated within two tables. One schedule sets out very minor changes relating to text errors or updates. The other schedule sets out more significant wording changes that were made to help add clarity and robustness. Some of these changes were suggested at Submission stage and others were put forward during the Hearing stages of the Examination. The Inspector requested that these proposed changes were advertised so that any comments could be taken into consideration.

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Examination documents

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Worthing Borough Council's examination statements

A number of Statements were prepared which focussed on the Issues and Questions that the Inspector identified. The Council's response to the 13 issues (including associated appendices) is set out below. Further written responses from nine respondents are set out below the Council's Statements. Additional papers prepared by the Council in response to some of the respondent's statements are listed at the end of this section.

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Statements submitted by respondents

The statements below have been submitted as further written evidence in support of the position originally set out the Regulation 27 representations. The Council has prepared short response papers to some of these statements and these are set out at the end of this section.

Response from English Heritage

Response from The Worthing Society

Response from OMC Investments

Response from Richard Maille - Issue 9 (Union Place AOC4)

Response from Richard Maille - Issue 9 (Montague Place)

Response from Cantium Durrington Ltd

Response from Vail Williams

Response from West Durrington Consortium

Response from Hanson Capital

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Additional statements made by Worthing Borough Council

Additional Council statements made in response to some of the respondents' Examination statements are set out below. Links are also provided to the Council's closing statement and a Monitoring Paper and templates used in support by the Council during Hearing Sessions relating to Issues 9,10, and 12.

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