Core Strategy - 2009/2010

Introduction to the Core Strategy - 2009/2010

Prior to 2009 the Council had been progressing a version of the Core Strategy but this was withdrawn in July 2008 so that a revised version could be prepared. All documents relating to these earlier stages can be viewed in Core Strategy - Pre 2009.

Between the withdrawal of the original version of the Core Strategy in 2008 and the adoption of the revised version in April 2011 a great deal of work was undertaken to progress the document, address previous concerns and incorporate new evidence. The key stages in this process can be broken down into three main headings:

  • Revised Core Strategy - Summer 2009
  • Core Strategy Publication Version (Reg 27) - April 2010
  • Submission Core Strategy - July 2010

Documents relating to each of these stages are set out in chronological order below.  Following the Submission of the document the Core strategy was the subject of an Examination. Information and documents relating directly to the Examination can be viewed in Core Strategy Examination.

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Revised Core Strategy - Summer 2009

A Revised Core Strategy and an Addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal were published for consultation in summer 2009. These documents, reports to elected Members and a schedule of submitted comments and officer responses to these (including Topic Papers) can be viewed below: 

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Core Strategy - Publication Version (Reg 27) - April 2010

Comments submitted on the Revised Core Strategy (summer 2009) and further evidence gathered helped to inform the amendments that were then made to the document. In April 2010 the Council published the Regulation 27 version of the Core Strategy (the Publication Stage) when comments were invited on its 'Soundness'. The Council received a total of 123 duly made representations from 35 different respondents. The Section 30(1)(e) document linked below summarises the number and type of comments received. Key documents relating to this stage are set out here:

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Submission Core Strategy - July 2010

The Council formally submitted the Core Strategy to the Secretary of State on 9th July 2010. In accordance with Section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004) Inspector Christina Downes BSc Dip TP MRTPI was then appointed to conduct the Examination to determine whether the Core Strategy was Sound.

Supported by associated documents and the evidence base, the Submitted Core Strategy was the same as the Regulation 27 Publication version linked above. However, the Council did prepare a Schedule of Proposed Amendments which evolved during the Examination process. This is available to view in Core Strategy Examination. Other key documents that were Submitted alongside the Core Strategy are set out below:

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Page last updated: 21 November 2013

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