Worthing CIL examination 2014

The Secretary of State appointed Mr Malcolm Rivett BA (Hons), MSc, MRTPI, to conduct the Examination of the Draft Charging Schedule. The Hearing session was held on Tuesday 16th September 2014 and the Inspector's Report (linked below) was received on 19th November 2014.

All documentation relating to the CIL Examination can be found on this page below:

Information relating to infrastructure contributions and the adoption and implementation of the levy can be found on the following page:

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Core Documents

To aid the examination the Council created a library of Core Documents. These are categorised within groups and linked below. Alternatively, hard copies of all documents listed are available to view at the Council Offices (Portland House). In addition, copies of the main documents can be also be viewed at libraries across the Borough.

CD01 - National Legislation and Guidance

All documents listed below are available to view as hard copies on request:

  • CD01-1 - CIL Regulations (2010)
  • CD01-2 - CIL Amendment Regulations (2011)
  • CD01-3 - CIL Amendment Regulations (2012)
  • CD01-4 - CIL Amendment Regulations (2013)
  • CD01-5 - CIL Amendment Regulations (2014)
  • CD01-6 - CIL An overview DCLG (2011)
  • CD01-7 - CIL Guidance (2012)
  • CD01-8 - CIL Guidance (2013)
  • CD01-9 - CIL Guidance (2014)
  • CD01-10 - NPPF (2012)
  • CD01-11 - Localism Act (2011), Chapter 20: Part 6, Chapter 2
  • CD01-12 - Viability Testing Local Plans - Advice for Planning Practitioners (The Harman Report) (June 2012)
  • CD01-13 - National Planning Practice Guidance (webpage resource) CIL Guidance (added to website June 2014)

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CD02 - CIL Submission Documents

CD02-14 Viability Appraisals - Residential

CD02-15 Viability Appraisals - Commercial

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CD03 - Supporting Documents

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CD04 - Representations on Draft Charging Schedule


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CD05 - Modifications

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CD06 - Examination Documents

Documents will continue to be added to this section of the website as the examination progresses.

The Council's responses to the Inspector's Main Issues and Questions (and additional / revised appraisals - September 2014)

CD06-9 Viability Appraisals - Residential

CD06-10 Viability Appraisals (Residential to Residential)

CD06-11 Viability Appraisals (Residential to Residential with differential profit margin for affordable housing)

CD06-12 Viability Appraisals Sheltered Housing

CD06-13 Viability Appraisals Retail

Additional Evidence Submitted by Respondents

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Page last updated: 21 October 2020

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