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Wildlife Festival - Fri 9th & Sat 10th June 2017

Residents' meeting announced - Thursday 22nd June 2017: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Gates open at 14:00 each day of the Festival with the Festival closing at 01:00

Wildlife Festival 2017 (9th and 10th June 2017) - banner

Photos and videos: use the links below to see some photos of the festivities at Wildlife - with a huge thanks to all those who made the event a huge success for the community:

Residents' meeting announced

Thursday 22nd June 2017: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

The Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5WU

The organisers of Wildlife Festival, which took place at Shoreham Airport on 9th & 10th June, have arranged a residents' consultation meeting to take place at the Shoreham Centre on Thursday 22nd June at 6:30pm.

This will be a chance for Shoreham-by-Sea residents to pass on any feedback directly to the event organisers which can be used during the planning process for future events. There will be the festival organisers and promoters present, there will not be representatives from the local authority or airport management.

We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd June 2017.

More information on the Festival can be found on the Wildlife Festival website

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For information on how to get to the festival (by shuttle bus, train, coach or car) please see:

It's likely to be busy on the roads this weekend around the Shoreham area, so we advise you to:

If you are planning to use a taxi from the festival, but haven't pre-booked, don't worry - there are a number of ways you can find one on the day. There is a booking office on site you can visit, or the nearest ranks are by Shoreham Station and Adur Recreation Ground.

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Wildlife Festival has a designated events helpline should you have any concerns or complaints.

  • Please call 0161 647 7897 or 0161 647 7898 (open daily from 13:30 to 01:30)

When does the event finish?

  • Music will start at 14:00 until 01:00 on both Friday and Saturday

Please call the event helpline in the first instance, but if you would like further information on noise issues please see our noise problems page.

To report any Anti-Social Behaviour or incidents, please contact Sussex Police. You can:

If you have a question but unsure who to ask, please get it touch via Facebook and Twitter. We will be online from 2pm until midnight on Saturday and Sunday, and we'll do our best to help.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about the event:

You can also visit the Wildlife Festival website to find out more about the event:

Wildlife Festival 2017 (9th and 10th June 2017) - banner

Will there be a telephone number available for me to contact if there are any problems which are directly linked to the Wildlife event?

Please call 0161 647 7897 or 0161 647 7898 (open daily from 13:30 to 01:30).

This number can be used for any issues such as traffic management or noise concerns and it will take you straight to the Event Control Office at the Wildlife event.

This number has been published and included on a localised letter drop ahead of the event taking place.

See: complaints (above).

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What waste management plans are in place for Shoreham over the Wildlife Festival weekend?

The event organisers have a waste management plan in place for the event site, and Adur & Worthing Councils are in discussions to ensure that this plan includes Adur Recreation Ground and surrounding areas. The Councils' Waste Management Team will have staff carrying out their normal duties over the weekend as well as additional resources patrolling the surrounding area.

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How will the Council be managing illegal/unwanted traders outside of the event site?

The location of the event and the lack of suitable space for such traders means that this isn't foreseen to be a major issue. The audience numbers who will be arriving on foot to the event is going to be minimal. However, the Council will take any complaint seriously and will deal with it as soon as possible.

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What if people begin to camp illegally on open spaces or the beach?

The Councils' Parks and Foreshores Department will have extra staff on duty to patrol areas on both days of the festival. They will be reporting any problems with litter, illegal camping, illegal parking etc to Event Control at the festival so that the relevant agency can then deal with this issue as soon as possible. These members of staff will remain outside of the event site so that they can respond quickly.

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Who is paying for the extra Council Officers required to work over the weekend?

The Council is asking for full cost recovery from the event organisers so that there is no cost incurred by the local council tax payers.

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How will I get from A to B through Shoreham whilst the event is taking place?

The event organisers are working with a highly experienced traffic management company to ensure that traffic can flow freely around the event site and surrounding areas over the entire weekend. There will be peak times when the majority of people are coming to and from the festival - arriving between 14:00 and 18:00 and leaving between 11:00 and 01:30 each day, but the vast majority of festival attendees will be using the designated bus service to travel to and from the event site.

The traffic management company are liaising closely with West Sussex County Council Highways representatives, The Highways Agency and Sussex Police to ensure that no unnecessary delays occur.

However, we do advise that if you are travelling somewhere over the two days, to add some extra time to your journey if you are using roads through Shoreham or the A27 past the airport.

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What if noise from the festival is disturbing me?

The planning of large scale events in urban areas always involves the local Councils' Environment Protection Team and a reputable noise management company. The company employed by the Wildlife Festival are highly competent in their field and have done a lot of work already to ensure that noise from the event doesn't become a concern to local residents.

The Councils' Environment Protection Team will have two officers on duty over the weekend to monitor noise levels and carry out sound checks with the event organisers before the event opens to the general public. They will also respond to any complaints received from the designated events hotline 0161 647 7897 or 0161 647 7898 (open daily from 13:30 to 01:30).

If any call outs are required and subsequently incur a cost to the council, this will be recharged to the event organiser.

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Are local businesses involved in the Wildlife Festival?

Since the first Wildlife Festival in 2015 the event organisers continue to work with local businesses and stakeholders in the immediate area of the site.

Businesses and the community are encouraged to get involved in the annual events programme held across Adur and Worthing.

If you would like to get involved please contact:

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Is this event costing the Council any money?


The Council has made the standard charge for a Premises Licence Fee, a land hire charge, and all additional officer time which is a direct result of the event and doesn't fall under the officer's standard duties will be recharged to the event organiser.

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Will there be a review of the event after it has occurred?


All major events anywhere are subject to a debriefing procedure. This will involve a meeting with the organisers and all statutory partners including Adur & Worthing Councils to look at how the event went from all perspectives.

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Wildlife Festival 2017 (9th and 10th June 2017) - banner

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