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Please note: This web page is due to be updated to reflect the new actions put forward in SustainableAW 2021-23.

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Adur & Worthing Councils are committed to stewarding, protecting and improving the environment. Working with the local community and collaborating with partners, we are taking action.

These are some of our key Water activities and actions this year as part of our long term vision:

Water - Drip (65 purple)Action: Improve Worthing's bathing water quality to 'Excellent' by 2020

Adur & Worthing Councils will:

  • work on the Worthing Bathing Water Enhancement Project with Southern Water and local residents to raise bathing water quality to an 'excellent' standard by 2020 by reducing pollution from missed connections, animal faeces on beaches, and providing extra sewer maintenance and cleansing

Southern Water customers have identified bathing water quality to be of utmost priority and are willing to pay a little more through their water bills to ensure standards are improved across our region. This has enabled £2.7 million of funding for Worthing as a 'Gold bathing water'. The aim is to enhance Worthing's current classification of 'Sufficient' to 'Excellent' by 30th September 2019. This will be achieved in partnership with Adur & Worthing Councils by encouraging property owners to fix any misconnected waste pipes. These misconnections incorrectly plumb into surface water drains, allowing wastewater to reach bathing water without any treatment.

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Partners include:

Water - Arrow pointing down (65 purple)Water - Pound sign (65 purple)Action: Make savings on water bills, reduce water use

Adur & Worthing Councils will:

  • Launch a campaign with Southern Water providing home visits offering water saving gadgets and advice on how to save money on water bills by reducing home and garden water use

The water saving campaign is being held January 21st - February 22nd 2019. Southern Water will hold stalls at community venues and a door knocking campaign in Eastbrook, Southwick, Heene and Worthing Central wards offering home visits. During the home visits, residents can receive an assessment of their water usage, water efficiency devices which will be installed during the visit, and advice on how to reduce water usage and make savings on water and energy bills.

Southern Water customers in other areas of Adur and Worthing can apply for a home visit with these benefits through the Southern Water website.

Further information:

Partners include:

  • Southern Water
  • Aqualogic

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Page last updated: 14 April 2023

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