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Street sweeping

Street cleansingAdur & Worthing Environmental Services carry out street sweeping to clean up rubbish and debris on our streets. The sweeping regime is dependent on pedestrian traffic, proximity to shops and fast food outlets etc.

  • Lancing, Shoreham-by-Sea, Southwick and Worthing town centres are maintained and inspected three to four times a day
  • Secondary shopping areas (such as Broadwater, Goring Road) are swept once a day
  • All streets are inspected once a fortnight, only streets that are considered in need of sweeping by the inspector will be swept
  • We operate a reactive service so if you report a problem we will look into it and deal with it as appropriate
  • We operate increased summer cleansing schedules for areas that have additional visitors due to the holiday season such as along Worthing seafront
  • For extensive leaf fall and general detritus across the district we operate a deep cleansing schedule to assist with street drainage. In most cases parking restrictions will be in force to ensure that we can use machinery to clean out the gutters.

Please note that certain footpaths, rear access-ways, privately owned land and shop fronts that do not form part of the public highway are not the Councils' responsibility and do not form part of the cleansing regime.

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Litter and Dog bins

Litter bin

Adur & Worthing Environmental Services currently services 1,034 litter bins and 542 dog bins located throughout the combined district.

Litter bins have generally been concentrated near to schools, bus stops, local shops and also in some residential areas as these areas have generally been those in greatest need.

They are serviced and emptied at regular intervals, depending on demand and usage and also by specific location and seasonal variations.

Dog bins are normally provided at the following locations:

  • Entrances to parks and recreation grounds
  • Entrances to fields and wooded areas that are popular dog walking sites
  • Dog mess hot-spots - as determined by site visit or complaints received

Locations of bins will be determined by operational accessibility, public accessibility as well as perceived need.

To report a problem with a dog bin or dog mess please see the report a problem section (above).

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