Submission Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP)

JAAP Individual Submission Documents - 3

Shoreham Harbour Regeneration

This page contains:

  • supporting evidence documents (refs SED and TP)

For other documents please see:

Supporting Evidence Documents - Climate change, energy and sustainable building
Ref NoDocument title
SED01/01 PDF FileShoreham Harbour District Energy Feasibility Study (7,810KB)
SED01/02 PDF FileShoreham Heat Network Study (13,783KB)
SED01/03 Brighton and Hove Renewable and Sustainable Energy Study - on the BHCC website
SED01/04 PDF FileAdur District Council Energy Study - 2009 (3,095KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Shoreham Port
Ref NoDocument title
SED02/01 West Sussex Wharves and Railheads Study (WSCC)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Economy and Employment
Ref NoDocument title
SED03/01 PDF FileAdur Employment Land Review (ELR) 2014 (2,045KB)
SED03/02 Brighton & Hove City Council Employment Land Study - on the BHCC website
SED03/03 PDF FileShoreham Harbour Development Briefs Economic Impact Assessment (472KB)
SED03/04 PDF FileDefining the HMA and FEMA Greater Brighton and Coastal West Sussex Strategic Planning Board 2017 (3,752KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Housing and Community
Ref NoDocument title
SED04/01 PDF FileObjectively Assessed Needs Housing Update 2016 - Adur District (225KB)
SED04/02 PDF FileObjectively Assessed Need for Housing Study 2015 - Adur District (1,095KB)
SED04/03 PDF FileObjectively Assessed Need for Housing - Brighton & Hove 2015 (1,294KB)
SED04/04 PDF FileCoastal West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update (281KB)
SED04/05 PDF FileBrighton & Hove City Council Strategic Housing Market Assessment April 2008 (6,953KB)
SED04/06 PDF FileBrighton & Hove Housing Requirements Study 2011 (1,202KB)
SED04/07 PDF FileBrighton & Hove Housing Requirements Study Update 2012 (2,577KB)
SED04/08 PDF FileBrighton & Hove Affordable Housing Brief (261KB)
SED04/10 PDF FileBrighton & Hove SHLAA Update 2017 (4,280KB)
SED04/12 PDF FileBrighton & Hove Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) (3,415KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Sustainable Transport
Ref NoDocument title
SED05/01 PDF FileAdur Local Plan and Shoreham Harbour Transport Study - Final report - August 2013 (15,615KB)
SED05/02 PDF FileAdur Local Plan and Shoreham Harbour Transport Study - Report Addendum - June 2014 (14,428KB)
SED05/03 PDF FileAdur Local Plan - Transport Study - Second Addendum - Revised - Reissue September 2016 (2,610KB)
SED05/04 PDF FileShoreham Harbour Transport Strategy Baseline Analysis document (2,567KB)
SED05/05 PDF FileLetter from Natural England regarding the England Coast Path (230KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Flood Risk Management
Ref NoDocument title
SED06/01 Adur District and Worthing Borough Councils Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
SED06/02 The Brighton & Hove Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - on the BHCC website
SED06/03 PDF FileAdur Local Plan 2016 - Sequential and Exception Test (1,377KB)
SED06/04 PDF FileDraft City Plan Part One Sequential and Exception Tests 2012 (944KB)
SED06/05 PDF FileSequential and Exception Tests for the Brighton & Hove City Plan Update 2014 (584KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure
Ref NoDocument title
SED07/01 Shoreham Harbour Ecology and Green Infrastructure Study - on the BHCC website
SED07/02 Shoreham Harbour Vegetated Shingle Assessment - on the BHCC website
SED07/03 PDF FileShoreham Harbour Ecosystem Services Modelling (11,518KB)
SED07/04 PDF FileReptile Survey Report (2,922KB)
SED07/05 PDF FileGreat Crested Newt Survey (144KB)
SED07/06 PDF FileHabitat Regulations Assessment of the Draft Adur Local Plan (2012) (601KB)
SED07/08 PDF FileAddendum to the Habitat Regulations of the Draft Adur Local Plan (2014) (88KB)
SED07/09 PDF FileBrighton & Hove Draft City Plan Part One Appropriate Assessment (2012) (736KB)
SED07/10 PDF FileBrighton & Hove Submission City Plan Part One Appropriate Assessment Update (2014) (1,372KB)
SED07/11 PDF FileNatural England Response - Shoreham Harbour Habitats Regulations Assessment (100KB)
SED07/12 PDF FileBrighton & Hove City Plan Part 2 HRA 28 August 2018 (5,114KB)
SED07/13 PDF FileBrighton & Hove AQ Impact Assessment Final Aug 2018 (949KB)
SED07/14 PDF FileNatural England response to B&H CPP2 HRA consultation Aug 2018 (94KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Recreation and Leisure
Ref NoDocument title
SED08/01 Adur and Worthing Open Space Study - on the BHCC website
SED08/02 Brighton & Hove Open Space Update Study - on the BHCC website
Supporting Evidence Documents - Place Making and Design
Ref NoDocument title
SED09/01 PDF FileWestern Harbour Arm Tall Building Capacity Study (13,436KB)
Supporting Evidence Documents - Viability and Deliverability
Ref NoDocument title
SED10/01 PDF FileShoreham Harbour Whole Plan Viability and Deliverability Study (2,300KB)
SED10/02 Shoreham Harbour Capacity and Viability Study - on the BHCC website
Topic papers
Ref NoDocument title
TP01 PDF FileClimate Change and Renewable Energy Topic Paper (480KB)
TP02 PDF FileMineral Wharves Topic Paper (980KB)
TP03 PDF FileEmployment Topic Paper (437KB)
TP04 PDF FileInfrastructure Topic Paper (581KB)
TP05 PDF FileHousing Topic Paper (411KB)
TP06 PDF FileFlood Risk Topic Paper (617KB)
TP07 PDF FileGreen Infrastructure Topic Paper (414KB)
TP08 PDF FileRecreation and Leisure Topic Paper (422KB)
TP09 PDF FilePlace Making and Design Quality Topic Paper (401KB)
TP10 PDF FileDelivery Topic Paper (628KB)

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