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Snow, ice and cold weather

In the event of severe weather please refer to the live updates on the Environment Agency and Met Office websites in relevant sections below.
You can also follow our latest updates on Twitter and Facebook, and look out for service updates on our homepage.
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Snow, ice and cold weather

In the event of severe cold weather affecting our area the Council has made arrangements with West Sussex County Highways to assist in the clearing snow from pavements, town centre areas and other high risk areas. Arrangements are already in place for the distribution, if required, of bags of salt to areas already identified from the severe weather in recent years.

The responsibility for maintaining the footpaths and pedestrian areas is with West Sussex County Highways, but in severe weather conditions their primary concern is the clearing of the major road networks. It is for this reason that District, Borough and Parish Councils have agreed to assist in clearing town centre footpaths, car parks and other essential areas.

For more details see: Road maintenance

Community Action during severe weather: Communities can, as part of the Government's 'Big Society in Action', assist in making sure that any elderly or vulnerable people in their area are visited regularly to ensure that they have no problems. The Government has issued a short guidance document on 'Community Action during severe weather' which details how communities and volunteers can get involved:

Advice on clearing pavements: Last year there were some questions about liability should you decide to clear snow from the pavement outside your property. The Government have also issued guidance on this subject:

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Page last updated: 24 November 2020