Worthing Seafront Beacon

Worthing Seafront Beacon - close up of basket

The beacon was installed on Worthing seafront, just west of the pier, in 1999 for the Council, and is owned by the Council. The cost of the beacon and its installation was met by sponsorship from a number of local firms.

It was lit for the first time as part of a string of beacons across the UK to mark the new Millennium celebrations at the turn of the Century (2000).

It gets lit at the discretion of the Council and has been used mainly for the commemoration of Royal occasions in the past and also to mark VE day.

It was lit on Thursday, 21st April 2016 to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday.

It needs the approval of the Council to be lit. There are many restrictions on its use, mainly, as it is gas powered, it needs to be a gas safe engineer to set up the required connection and supply (gas canisters) and then to light it. No solid fuel is used due to the close proximity of residential buildings. Its lighting also requires the approval of the Council's Head of Service for the foreshore.

Photo: The Beacon on Worthing seafront near the pier

Worthing Seafront Beacon

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