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Fire instructions

Notice for the chairperson or hirer of the room


The risk of fire is always present. All visitors are therefore required to read this notice carefully and the Fire Evacuation Notices in the room. The Town Hall Fire Alarm is tested every Tuesday at 10:30am.

The Chairperson or Hirer should convey the message at the foot of this document to all persons present at the commencement of the meeting/event.

Fire Precautions

  • Be conscious of fire risks at all times
  • All Council buildings are "No smoking" areas
  • Ensure fire doors are not propped open
  • If you have any doubts over the smell of smoke or burning, report it immediately to the nearest member of staff

Action in the event of fire

Fire Evacuation Notices are posted in this room. Please read them.

Should you discover a fire you should immediately raise the alarm by operating the nearest break glass point.

On hearing the fire alarm (a continuous siren) you should leave the building and make your way as quickly as possible to the assembly point at the following point: The far end of the Town Hall Car Park

On hearing the bomb alarm (an intermittent siren) you should leave the building and make your way as quickly as possible to the assembly point in the car park.

You should confirm to the Incident Manager at Reception (who will be wearing a yellow tabard) that all persons from your meeting/event have been evacuated.

Fire Instruction to be read out at the commencement of meeting/event

"The Town Hall Fire Alarm is tested at 10:30 am every Tuesday morning. If the alarm is sounded at any other time without notification of change, an evacuation of the building will be carried out. The fire alarm in this building is a continuous siren and for bomb alert an intermittent siren.

If you discover a fire, you should immediately operate the fire alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest call point.

On hearing the alarm you should leave the building by the nearest exit and make your way to the assembly point at the far end of the car park in Stoke Abbott Road.

Do not stop to collect any belongings and do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so."