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Adur homes has reviewed its repair services and would like your views on a new proposed repairs policy. You should have received a letter recently telling you about some of the changes to the repair service proposed in this policy. There is a copy of the policy below for general reference.

We are consulting alongside the Adur Tenants Forum in the hope of getting more responses. You can get further information about both them and their view of the proposed policy on their own website. There is a message from the chair of the ATF below.

“Adur Tenants Forum (ATF) is a district wide group consisting of representatives from Residents Associations and individuals who meet every two months to discuss issues relating to council housing. You can attend these meetings to voice your opinion, concerns,  or to propose new ideas.  To receive and invite to attend a meeting (Covoid permitting)  please email the address below and express your interest or to see what we are doing on behalf of tenants go to the Adur Tenants Forum website.”

Email Address -

We would like you to have your say on the policy and the proposed changes

First - please read the policy:

Sorry, the consultation is now closed.

The closing date for your comments was 16th September 2020.

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Page last updated: 20 August 2020