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What we can recycle

Accepted items from domestic household collection


Items for recycling must be:

  • Rinsed, washed out and dried, so they are clean (this will also help to stop your bin from smelling)
  • If possible squashed flat (we can then get more into our recycling collection vehicles and make fewer trips)
  • Put out clean, dry and loose in your recycling wheelie bin or blue box
  • See Wash, squash and recycle (below)
Things you can recycle
table header - Paper and card
Paper and card
table header - Metal cans and aerosols
Metal cans and aerosols
table header - Plastic bottles and containers
Plastic bottles and containers
table header - Foil
table header - Cartons
table header - Glass bottle and jars
Glass bottle and jars

Junk Mail

Cereal & Egg Boxes






Food Cans

Drinks Cans

Pet Food


Empty Hairspray & Deodorant Aerosols

Drinks Bottles

Milk Bottles

Shampoo Bottles

Liquid Detergent Bottles

Washing Up Liquid Bottles

Pots, Tub, Trays & Lids from these

Clean Takeaway Containers

Tin Foil

Fruit Juice Cartons

Milk Cartons

Soup Cartons

Wine Bottles

Jam Jars

Coffee Jars

Beer Bottles

Sauce Jars

Please note: any paper for recycling must not be shredded - shredded paper jams our equipment! Shredded paper should be taken to your local tip

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Items we can't take

Things you can't recycle:

Plastic film/wrap, Glassware/crockery, Food, Food waste, Items contained in bags, Nappies, General rubbish, Shredded paper, Polystyrene,Bottle tops, Plastic carrier bags,

Things you can't recycle

No thanks - all these items should be placed in the REFUSE bin.

Have you considered donating unwanted large items to charity (clothing, furniture, books, CDs, DVDs, etc)?

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Recycling other items

To find out how to dispose of any item please view Recycle for West Sussex's Recycling A to Z.

If you are unable to take items yourself to a Tip (Household Waste Recycling Site), then our Bulky waste collection service for a fee will be able to help you out.

Have you considered donating unwanted large items to charity (clothing, furniture, books, CDs, DVDs, etc)?

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Did you know?

Small changes can make a difference and if every household in Adur and Worthing recycled ...

  • 1 additional squash bottle per week the Council could save over £13,000 per year. These can be recycled into: bin liners, carrier bags, plastic bottles, flooring & window frames, insulation board, fencing & garden furniture, water butts, garden sheds, composters, seed trays, fleeces, fibre filling for duvets, pillows etc and a variety of office accessories
  • 1 extra cola can per week, in one year could save over £7,000 on landfill tax
  • Recycling just one extra wine bottle per month would save over £26,000. These can be recycled into new bottles and jars or used for road surfaces
  • Aluminium foil, trays and aerosols are recycled into new cans and car parts

There is an ultimate cost of tax passed on to the council tax payer for every tonne of waste which goes to landfill. The benefit of diverting the expected tonnages of materials will avoid disposal fees over the coming years, money which could be used to provide benefits to the community.

Bottle and cans

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Wash, squash and recycle

Remember to wash and squash before you recycle to make the most of the space in your home recycling bin.

Residents across West Sussex are being reminded to wash and squash before they recycle.

The call comes as recent changes to recycling collections across West Sussex mean that residents can put even more items in their home recycling bins.

Plastics including yoghurt pots, ice cream tubs and fruit and vegetable trays can now go into the recycling bin along with plastic bottles. It is estimated that an additional 4,000 tonnes of plastic will be recycled in the county each year as a result of the changes.

But more recycling means more items to fit in the bin.

If after washing and squashing your bin is still full, you can take excess recyclables to any one of the 11 household waste and recycling sites across the county.

You can find your nearest household waste recycling site, or your closest Household Waste Recycling Sites (tip), or for a full list of materials that can be recycled in West Sussex visit the Recycle for West Sussex website.

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