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Community reward coming ... Let's Recycle Together!

Residents in Eastbrook (in Adur) and Northbrook (in Worthing) were selected to take part in an innovative recycling project in June and July 2016 aimed at improving the quality and quantity of recycling. In return, households in these two areas were given a community reward.

The second phase of the Adur & Worthing Councils' Recycling Together (Community) initiative proved to be an overwhelming success. All of the residents in the selected areas in Eastbrook (Adur) and Northbrook (Worthing) exceeded our expectations and the targets set were surpassed. We thank every single household who took part and are proud of the level of 'A Grade' recycling we are now processing.

Recycling Together (AWCS)

How are you doing? - Eastbrook (in Adur)

The first monitoring was on the 23rd June 2016 and was then monitored every 2 weeks on collection day, for 3 times:

Totaliser - Eastbrook - 85 percent - 21st July 2016

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How are you doing? - Northbrook (in Worthing)

The first monitoring was on the 20th June 2016 and was then monitored every 2 weeks on collection day, for 3 times:

Totaliser - Northbrook - 84 percent - 18th July 2016

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Why are we rewarding residents?

Recycling together (200)

We want to thank our residents for doing a fantastic job. We already know that our households set out the highest quality of recycling in West Sussex. However, we also know that 20% of our general refuse contains items that could be recycled.

All Councils have a target to reach 50% recycling by 2020 - currently Adur and Worthing recycle 35% of their household waste. Your help is vital for us to achieve this target.

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How can you take part?

Star Recycler - A grade Recycling bins logo (150)

It's easy - households in the target areas need to put the blue lidded recycling bin out and we will check your recycling on collection day.

'A' grade Recycling bins will have a gold star placed on them.

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What is an 'A' Grade bin?

No contamination.

Materials which are accepted.

Items must be clean, dry and loose.

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What's in it for residents?

To achieve the reward we'll be looking for a 5% increase in the number of bins put out which are an 'A' grade.

Residents who put out a grade 'A' grade bin will automatically take part in the prize draw and win a voucher worth £100 which can be redeemed at a number of high street stores for their household.

We will also be offering plenty of opportunities to come and meet the recycling team and ask questions. There will also be the opportunity for residents to visit the Materials Recovery Facility at Ford, as part of this project.

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What happens if I put the wrong thing in the recycling?

In some circumstances a whole load of recycling can be rejected if there is contamination and the recycling may need to be disposed of via another route.

Things you can recycle:

Things you can recycle
table header - Paper and card
Paper and card
table header - Metal cans and aerosols
Metal cans and aerosols
table header - Plastic bottles and containers
Plastic bottles and containers
table header - Foil
table header - Cartons
table header - Glass bottle and jars
Glass bottle and jars

Junk Mail

Cereal & Egg Boxes






Food Cans

Drinks Cans

Pet Food


Empty Hairspray & Deodorant Aerosols

Drinks Bottles

Milk Bottles

Shampoo Bottles

Liquid Detergent Bottles

Washing Up Liquid Bottles

Pots, Tub, Trays & Lids from these

Clean Takeaway Containers

Tin Foil

Fruit Juice Cartons

Milk Cartons

Soup Cartons

Wine Bottles

Jam Jars

Coffee Jars

Beer Bottles

Sauce Jars

Things you can't recycle:

Plastic film/wrap, Glassware/crockery, Food, Food waste, Items contained in bags, Nappies, General rubbish, Shredded paper, Polystyrene,Bottle tops, Plastic carrier bags,

Things you can't recycle

No thanks - all these items should be placed in the REFUSE bin.

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Did you know?

Small changes can make a difference and if every household in Adur & Worthing recycled ...

  • 1 additional squash bottle per week the Council could save £13,000 per year. These can be recycled into: bin liners, carrier bags, plastic bottles, flooring & window frames, insulation board, fencing & garden furniture, water butts, garden sheds, composters, seed trays, fleeces, fibre filling for duvets, pillows etc and a variety of office accessories
  • 1 extra cola can per week, in one year could save £7K on landfill tax
  • Recycling just one extra wine bottle per month would save over £26K These can be recycled into new bottles and jars or used for road surfaces
  • Aluminium foil, trays and aerosols are recycled into new cans and car parts

There is an ultimate cost of tax passed on to the council tax payer for every tonne of waste which goes to landfill. The benefit of diverting the expected tonnages of material from the project is estimated to equate to £145,200 for Council Tax payers in avoided disposal fees over the coming 3 years, money which could be used to provide benefits to the community.

Bottle and cans

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What is the reward?

We are keen to find out from residents about what they would like to see as a reward.

We have asked local community groups for ideas and have a list of activities where residents can come along and vote for the reward they would most like to see.

There will also be a chance to speak to our Recycling Officers and ask questions.

Please send us your feedback.

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Will flats be part of the scheme?

Most flats will be part of the scheme and we are keen to improve our recycling facilities in flats to make it easier for residents to take part.

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Who is paying for this project?

Adur & Worthing Councils have been awarded £136,00 from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to deliver the project.

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What roads are part of the project?

If you have a leaflet, you are part of the project area.

For a full list of streets see below or pop along to one of our roadshows and find out more.

Eastbrook in Southwick and Fishersgate, Adur

roads listed alphabetically

Albion Street, Albion Street, Amelia Close, Brighton Road, Colebrooke Road, Croft Avenue, Eastbrook Road, Eastbrook Way, Fishersgate Close, Fishersgate Terrace, Gardner Road, Gordon Road, Green Close, Green Mews, Laylands Court, Seaview Estate, St Aubyn's Crescent, St Aubyn's Road, St Richard's Road, Summer Close, The Gardens, The Green, The Twitten, Twitten Close, Watling Road, Waterdyke Avenue, Westbrook Way and Whiterock Place

Northbrook in Worthing

roads listed alphabetically

Apsley Way, Ashburnham Close, Batemans Close, Beckworth Close, Birches Close, Blackbird Lane, Bourne Close, Bridgnorth Close, Buttercup Row, Callon Close, Carisbrooke Drive, Corfe Close, Cornfield Way, Cuckoo Gate, Daisy Road, Deerswood Close, Eriskay Court, Essenhigh Drive, Fulbeck Avenue, Gatcombe Close, Harlech Close, Highclere Way, Jevington Close (and Jevington Court), Laburnum Lodge Walnut Tree Way, Leeds Close, Lewis Court, Malthouse Way, Meadowsweet Close, Moore Close, Nightingale Avenue, Orkney Court, Pennycress Avenue, Poplar Road (and Poplar Court), Poppy Close, Primrose Place, Rees Close, Robin Road, Rochester Close, Romany Road (and Larch Lodge), Saphire Drive, Saxifrage Way, Scotney Close, Shetlands Court, Skylark Rise, Snowdrop Row, Speedwell Close, Squadron Drive, Strathmore Road, Summerdown Close, Sunflower Street, Terringes Avenue, The Boulevard, Thomson Close, Varey Road, Walnut Tree Way, Whitebeam Road, Winterbourne Close, Winterbourne Court Winterbourne Close and Winterbourne Way

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Launch events / roadshows


  • Thursday, 16th June 2016
  • 3pm to 7pm
  • Green space at Wyck Court, St Aubyn's Road


  • Wednesday, 15th June 2016
  • 3pm to 7pm
  • Bourne Close Durrington (adjacent to the play area)

The events will include:

  • Games - sorting recycling
  • Arts and crafts
  • Freebies
  • Bouncy castle
  • Information gazebo
  • Answer questions about refuse and recycling services
  • and more ...

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Competition just for the kids...

Recycling truck

Name a recycling truck!

Send us a suggestion for a name for a truck (along with your name, address, postcode and tel. number) to:

Only 1 entry per household.

The winners will receive a prize and a chance to meet the crews and vehicle.

Closing date: Friday, 17th June 2016

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Ford MRF visit (Materials Recycling Facility)

Ford Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

Join us on a visit to the Ford Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) which is one of the most advanced in the country.

The automated MRF sorts and separates and bales the recyclables you put in your recycling bin at home, ready for manufacturing into new goods and products.

If you are interested please contact us for dates and further details:

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Please let us have your feedback about the project

Please let us have your feedback about the project, or let us know if you want to find out more, by contacting us on:

Recycling together (470)

Recycling Together (AWCS)

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