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Home composting and Food waste

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Buy a compost bin

Recycle Now, Compost at Home

Adur and Worthing, working in partnership with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have teamed up with 'Get Composting' to offer you quality compost bins at subsidised prices.  

To view their fantastic range of low cost compost bins and other accessories please visit the:

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How to compost

The Recycle Now website offers you lots of useful information about home composting including:

  • Why compost?
  • Setting up your bin
  • Making compost
  • Using your compost
  • FAQs

You must not:

  • Compost Japanese Knotweed
  • Put cooked and uncooked food waste including meat, fish, bones and dairy products (and cooked fruit or vegetables) in a compost bin, for what you can do with that please see food waste.

Regular uncooked vegetables, fruit and their peelings are fine to compost in your own compost bin/heap.

For full details see the:

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Composting with a garden waste wheelie bin or at the tip

To dispose of your your garden waste (e.g. grass cuttings, weeds, dead cut flowers and plants, fallen leaves, hedge clippings, etc) you can:

Please note - you must not:

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Food waste

Cooked and uncooked food waste including meat, fish, bones and dairy products (and cooked fruit or vegetables) cannot be put into compost bins or your green waste wheelie bin.

This is due to the smell, rotting down quickly, adding too much moisture to the compost and the potential for attracting vermin.

However you can get food waste bins or food waste digesters that you can put in your garden that will take all food waste including meat, bones and dairy products.

For more details on the types of food waste bins that are available, how they work and how to install one of them please contact the Recycling, Refuse and Waste team using the contact details to the right.

Regular uncooked fruit or vegetables and their peelings (but not other food waste) can go in your garden compost bin.

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