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Public Procurement

The basics

Procurement involves the purchasing of goods, works and services. All public procurement is governed by a piece of UK legislation called the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, which sets out the rules that must be followed according to the total value of the contract.

Adur & Worthing Councils have a small central procurement team that provides advice and support to departments on all aspects of commissioning/pre-procurement, procurement and contract and supplier relationship management. The Procurement team will lead larger value projects

Joint Contract Standing Orders

The two councils have adopted a set of Joint Contract Standing Orders which establish the local rules which must be adhered to when undertaking procurement exercises. The main premise of these rules is to ensure that the Councils' procurement activities are undertaken in a fair and transparent manner. See:

There are several types of procurement procedure that can be used, but the most common are the 'Open' procedure (any organisation may submit a tender) and 'Restricted' procedure (organisations must meet minimum published criteria before being invited to tender). The total value of the contract also determines the type of procedure that must be followed as detailed below:

Contract values and procedures
Total contract valueProcedure
Below £25,000 The relevant Head of Department must demonstrate they are obtaining value for money from the procedure followed (eg by using an existing contract or seeking a minimum of two quotations)
£25,000 to £99,999.99 To obtain a minimum of three quotations via the Councils' e-tendering system
£100,000 to EU threshold To openly advertise the tender on National Contracts Finder and via the Councils' e-tendering system
Above EU threshold To advertise the tender on OJEU, National Contracts Finder and the Councils' e-tendering system in accordance with the EU Procurement Directives

There are some exemptions from following these procedures, such as buying requirements from a Framework Agreement - a contract which has already been advertised and tendered by another public body for other public bodies to use.

There are a number of organisations which provide these frameworks, some of the regular ones which the Councils use include:

See also:

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