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Other commercial information

Payment terms

The Councils standard payment terms are 30 days from receipt of an undisputed invoice, or on specific terms agreed with the supplier.

In circumstances where the Councils appoint a Prime Contractor to deliver a service or project, there is an expectation that the Prime Contractor should pay any sub-contractors used by them to fulfil elements of the requirement on similar terms to those between the Councils and the Prime Contractor.

See also: Financial Procedure Rules and Contract Procedure Rules

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Purchase Order Policy

When the councils enter into an agreement with a company or individual for them to supply goods or services to us an official purchase order reference will be provided.

To ensure that all payments are made to suppliers as quickly as possible, suppliers must ensure that they are provided with a purchase order reference when accepting an order for goods or services.

Any invoice received without a valid purchase order reference will result in delays as it will not be processed and will be returned to the supplier.


Where can I get a Purchase Order Reference from?

1. Get a valid Purchase Order Reference from your contact within Adur & Worthing Councils who provided you with an instruction for the goods/service.

2. Enter the Purchase Order Reference on your invoice All invoices must contain clear information as follows:

Invoice in the name of the council you are dealing with.

  • a council contact name and address,
  • your name and address,
  • your bank details,
  • the purchase order reference number,
  • a unique invoice number,
  • full breakdown of the goods or service provided,
  • VAT charged and VAT number (if applicable)


3. Submit the invoice to the Accounts Payable Team at

My contact details have changed. Who do I contact to get these corrected?

If you need to let us know of any changes or questions regarding Purchase Orders email

Please note: Due to the requirements of GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, we need to record your formal authorisation to amend your records. More information about how we process personal data can be found in our privacy notice on our website. We ask that all changes be confirmed in writing - email accepted - to maintain compliance and meet with audit requirements.

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Standard Terms and Conditions

Under construction - contact the Procurement Team for help and advice

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Mystery Shopper Scheme (Cabinet Office initiative for tackling poor procurement practice in the public sector)

The Councils aim to be fair, transparent and treat all bidders equally on every procurement process undertaken, and therefore support the Cabinet Office's Mystery Shopper Scheme - on the website.

The Mystery Shopper scheme provides a route for suppliers to raise concerns about poor public procurement practice. Upon receiving a complaint the Cabinet Office Mystery Shopper team will contact the relevant public body and work with them Council to resolve the concerns.

Before reporting an issue or concern to the Mystery Shopper Service please contact the Councils at so that we have an opportunity to resolve the issue.

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Adur & Worthing Councils - comments, compliments and complaints

The Councils value feedback on the services we provide, we like to know when we have got it right and welcome suggestions for improvement. Please submit any feedback via the link below:

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