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Worthing's SHLAA 2009

The first six stages of the 2009 SHLAA process were carried out by the Council with stages 7 and 8 undertaken by consultants Baker Associates.

The conclusion of the study was that the SHLAA identified a more than adequate potential supply of housing to meet both the RSS requirement to 2026 and more immediately the five-year supply of deliverable sites.

Under these circumstances, there was no requirement for the Council to look at broad locations (Stage 9) or determine the housing potential of windfall (Stage 10).

The SHLAA was used successfully at the Core Strategy Examination (2010) to inform and support the Council's housing delivery strategy.

Although the conclusions reached in the 2009 SHLAA have now been largely superseded by the 2014 study (linked above) the links below have been retained to help provide an audit of the SHLAA process over recent years.

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Worthing Urban Housing Potential Study June 2004

Please note - documents relating to Part 3 of this study can be viewed by contacting a member of the Planning Policy team.

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