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Housing - Other Housing Documents

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Interim Position Statement (Feb 2018) - Clarification on the application of Core Strategy Policy 10 (affordable housing)

In recent years the Government has been keen to incentivise house building, particularly for small sites. Changes have been made to national planning policy to introduce the Vacant Building Credit and to amend the threshold for developer contributions. These changes are now a material planning consideration.

A report (linked below) provides the background to these changes and explains the impact that they have had nationally and within Worthing. It goes on to outline how some authorities have sought to minimise the impact that these changes will have on the delivery of affordable housing. Finally, the report sets out an approach that clarifies the policy position for the Borough, at least for the interim whilst a new Local Plan for Worthing is being prepared.  In summary, in view of the acute shortage of affordable housing in the Borough, the Council has agreed that, in line with the Position Statement (linked below):

  • Vacant Building Credit should not be applied to brownfield developments in the Borough;
  • the Council should continue to seek development contributions for less than 10 dwellings

You can read the policy and report to planning committee below:

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Worthing Housing Review - Briefing Paper 2014

Changes to the planning system at the national level have had a significant impact on how local authorities need to plan for housing. The paper linked below explains these changes and the implications for Worthing. Linked to much of the housing evidence summarised below, it provides a brief summary of the previous system, the requirements of the new system and how this is likely to influence future plan making in Worthing.

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Worthing Five Year Housing Land Supply

For a number of years Local Planning Authorities have been required to identify and ensure that there is a continuous five year supply of deliverable sites for housing development. The National Planning Policy Framework retains this requirement.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has produced guidance on how to demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing sites. This guidance has been used to inform the assessments that have been undertaken by Worthing Borough Council.  Since 2011/2012 the assessments have been incorporated within the respective Worthing Council's Annual Monitoring Report

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Financial Viability Affordable Housing Study 2005

The Financial Viability of Affordable Housing report studies the potential impact of revised, planning-led affordable housing policy on development viability across the County.

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Study of Economic Viability of Affordable Housing Options 2007

This study considers the implications of potential affordable housing policy options on site viability:

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